The Rain / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty
The Rain
I was walking alone,
With my memories some,
All of a sudden,
Without any caution,
The rain came,
A drop fell on my eye,
And I looked at the sky,
With a mischievous smile, it said me a Hi,
I asked all of a sudden falling why,
That naughty, dropped another drop,
On tip of my nose,
I know it was on purpose,
It sprinkled some on my face,
Simply I closed my eyes, to escape,
I was undone,
And it was having fun,
In no time, it started pouring all its emotions,
An umbrella I had, but it didn’t open,
I was immersed , without any option,
By that time it was in its full action,
And walking along,
Surprisingly singing one of my favorite song,
I wasn’t no more alone,
Finally then, the umbrella open,
The rain snatched it from my hand,
And closed it again,
Smilingly it said you are already drenched,
Can we be friends,
Let’s walk together then,
It was looking into my eyes,
And I was looking to the sky,
Rain was walking just near by,
I didn’t realize, when I was dropped by,
Unaware reached at home,
I have invited, please welcome,
It stopped outside and didn’t come,
And it said ‘my job is done’
It said ‘I saw you overburdened,
With some heavy emotions’,
Couldn’t stop myself,
Felt like to come,
To melt your emotions,
And I would be back,
When I would find you alone,
Drowning with your heavy emotions,
And again said, look, just came for you,
With a blushing smilie, I said thank you.

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