Mona Alassi (Palestina- Switzerland)

Mona Alassi (Palestina- Switzerland)

Mona Alassi a Palestinian poet and journalist. Her poems have been translated into many languages: English, French, Germany, Bulgarian and she is published in many international Anthologies

She has a book of poetry “How to Raise a Window”


Absence gate
Strewing a fist of windows
For the birds of your absence
And calling you
To hear the sound of feathers
Falling from my heart
In your absence
The world resembles
This black hole
I fell into it
While you kissed me.
Uh, blind man
I forgot to stay in my face
Let the mountains in their place
Say anything
Let the word resumption its interpretation
Uh, blind man
Things happen
Because you are here
Boiling water when your face shines
Bored mirror of my coat
Delusion my hand while your handing the absence keys
Charming things in your house
Moving without feet
It is interpreting your steps
Lonely Stand there
On the balcony of your dead body
Watering a plant
And sobbing from love.


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