I am Naya / Poem by Naya Albdairi

Poem by Naya Albdairi
I am Naya
Mama went to Africa when she was little
I wasn’t in her tummy, then
I was in her dreams
God does not give eyes to a blind in his face
He gives them to his heart
My tears don’t fall of my eye
This is just a burnt cloud in my heart
Do you happen to know why mountains are close to each other?
So they don’t feel lonely
And because they need to dance
I don’t like money very much
Love is more important
People tend to be greedy, when they lack love
We press the button to light up the traffic-light, every time we cross
Let’s light up ourselves Mom, to let the street cross
In the wood-
Where do dead people go, Mom?
Do they become a tree?
Mama says yes, they become a tree
That’s why I always visit the dead peoples’ wood

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