Dr. Gita Mohanty (India- Canada)

Dr. Gita Mohanty (India- Canada)

Gita is an adjunct Biology professor in USA, living in South Carolina. She has received her Ph.D. (Doctoral degree) from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, and Post-doctorate from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, in Environmental Science and Engineering. She is an Indian origin (born and brought up), Canadian Citizen, working and living in USA with her family. She is cosmopolitan in nature and loves embracing the different cultures and people. She believes world as her family, humanity as her religion, loving is her nature and nature is her love too. She also likes painting, reading, and photography. She is motivated serving, the unprivileged.

She is an amateur poetry writer with strong passion for poetry, with a compassionate heart and beautiful mind. Poetry to her is an inner conversation with own soul, who believes in free flowing and spreading smile across.  Poetry to her is the best buddy, both in happy and sad, for all the shades of her life. She believes poetry ventilates the condensed emotions. According to her it’s the nicest way of communicating love, emotion, passion and compassion. She has written poems in various web magazines, e.g., Different Truths, Motivational Stripes, Global literature society, including Atunis.


An Invocation to Divine Mother
O the empress of the universe,
A formless form of pure conscious,
Divine mother,
Bestowed on lotus flower
Lotus face,
With eternal grace,
Lotus eye, lotus feet,
Supreme elite,
Queen of most glorious throne,
The core essence and the beyond,
O the compassionate mother,
Come from your formless
To the form
Limitless to the limited norms,
And dwell among,
Come from your enormously vast
To the gist,
To insist,
In the eyes
In the vibes
in the bodies
And in the minds
You come and shine,
O divine,
You transcend,
And descend,
In the uterus,
In the girl fetus,
In the young, in the old
In the frail,
and the strong
In any form
You just come,
Once be them,
Open your third eye,
Burn their misery and the shame,
And see, in the survival name,
They struggle inside and out,
Scuffle and unresolved about,
In their mind and in their body
Give them your identity,
Remind them, they belong to humanity,
Empower them to be loving,
Being compassionate and kind,
Make them robust in their mind,
Fill their heart with love and kind,
Tell them in the name of living,
Every moment they wouldn’t be dying
They are not the poppet of destine
Tell them, they also would have a saying
With your unparalleled beauty,
Make each and every girl a deity
With your vigor and valor,
Empower those soft hearted creatures,
Disperse your power, if you care,
Desperately they need you o mothr
Now don’t just sit
and get worshiped,
incarnate as daughters,
And partners,
And empower,
O divine Mother
Now please come and live here.

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