Huguette Bertrand (Canada)

Huguette Bertrand (Canada)
Huguette Bertrand is a French-Canadian poet and editor, born in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada. She has published 38 poetry books listed on her website. Her poems were published in many poetry journals and anthologies around the world and her poems were translated in many languages. She participated to poetry shows, book shows, exhibition of her poetry with artworks, gave workshops in Quebec and France. She is the Canadian representative of the international movement Immagine & Poesia, Italy, and editor of anthologies for this said movement.
come close to these words
gentle they won’t hurt you
flying above arguments and rumors
together they are called poetry
and could grab your imagination
and play tricks on your mind
letting you feel like a bird
standing on the branch of an old oak
or maybe near a pond
watching frogs croaking
and even like a poet watching the blue sky
while downstairs people are crying
like hell on the roads
nothing to eat no shelter
and some picturing the whole agony
since these words are only pleading
for peace and a good night sleep
come closer
the trick is over
this woman moves along
in the grayness of a city
carries within
a strange happiness
she walks
she walks between rumors
shakes the ashes of sleeping minds
spreads lively words
she is the guardian
guardian of untold stories
burried in the night
strolling between rocks
she blows
she blows on embers
freeing old days silences
reviving the memory of this deserted city
Peace is always struggling
in golden minds
while some are crawling
in the darkness of golden mines
since hope and peace are twins
for those mining in the depth of minds
with their headlamp of hope
of mending peace falling apart
they will always be walking
around the clock
to watch the burst of seeds
for the expected blossoming
of our common garden
on the sunny side
of golden minds

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