Ngoc Le Ninh (Vietnam)

Ngoc Le Ninh (Vietnam)

Le Ngoc Ninh is PhD of mining science, his pen name is Ngoc Le Ninh, given birth October 24th 1969. He was born in Hai Nhan village, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province, Viet Nam. He lives in Ha Noi Capital and working at General Department of Environment, VIET NAM MONRE. He is also the member of Ha Noi writers association. His poems were published in Viet Nam, USA, Belgium, Spain… He has just received a poetry prize 2019 from International writers association-Bogdani for his poems and other prizes. He was publish 03 poetry volumes. At the end of this year, He will be publish his 4th volume, its name: “THE PAIR OF EYES AT THE TIME @4.0.BLUE SEA



At night, lying and listening to the waves screaming
From the islands of Hoàng Sa and Trường Sa
The spirits of the soldiers defending the islands
Reminded us to protect our country.

Hoàng Sa, Trường Sa here they are!
Inscribed on books in heaven, and in history books
There our ancestors spilled their blood and scattered their flesh
To protect for many generations.

I looked back in the past histories
Of our friend countries around us
I flipped and read over every page of their histories
But did not see Hoàng Sa islands.

Oh! our country Vietnam !
Stretching out to Phú Quốc
Connecting to Trường Sa,and Hoàng Sa
All are located in the same territory.

Hey! Invaders
Restitute our islands immediately
In life, any act of robbery
Sooner or later your heads will be cut.

I ran towards the future
I encountered the Golden-Turtle saying:
“Do not forget the My Chau story.
The enemy is always deceitful
Keep the islands together!
Do not yield the sea and the sky!
Under scorching sun, pouring rain, or terrible storm!
If the aggressors come! Let us break them up into pieces!



Night jerked; wind buried itself in the mountain’s chest
Mountain’s reluctance rustled falling leaves
Wind squeezed the mountain’s skinny shoulder and its messy hair
Lulling dulcet rhythm to the mountain’s ears.
Night rustled; wind stepped along the brooks
Mountain was excited; streams were overflowed
Through reeds, wind wove through the mountain’s crevices
Mountain felt asleep in the hands of rustling wind.
On the mountain’s breast, insane wind hurried
And swayed among the mountain’s dreamy grass
Listening to thousands of mist layers dropping on the ground
Sniveling mountain watched sleepy wind immersed in its golden dream.



On the first night
Quietly, we were side by side
Many things we wanted to talk
Why did we keep them in our hearts?
On the second night, silent and silent
Eyes wanted finding, hearts wanted saying
On the first day when we both were confused
Just one thing,
Why didn’t we quickly say it?
I hesitated, but then hurriedly counted the moon and the stars
You would pretend to break the grass leaves
In the middle of a sparkling moonlight night
Why the Love word kept hiding
How could we stay silent?
Or we were lying to our honest hearts.
Many thoughts were rushing through
Overflowing us
I loved you so much, but I did not dare to say it out loud
You knew, of course, but you were a female.
On the third night, I suddenly sat very close to you
The night was trembling as much as the off beat of our hearts
I did not know why I held on too tight to your body
Frantic, you buried it completely into mine
Our thousand cells awoke
The night spun round and round along the grass tangling with our feet
The wind gently took of the robe
the tenderly silky moon
Birds softly
snuggled in a mass of leaves
Listening to happiness rained in the peaceful zone
Love kept surging during the first moment of love.



Say no more! Sweetheart!
You’ve been holding my hand too long!
Evening fragrance puffs up the hair
Hands and leaves are both trembling!

Now, let us fire up our love
Lip borders inflame
Fire of love illuminates wistful eyes
Breath smoke perfumes life.

The heart overflows with boiling blood
Love lava melts
The twenties brightens up
Love cells quiver!

Embraces intertwine
Flaming season of changing leaves
Love storm yanks passion
Rain floods a distant region.

Night seems tattered
Chanting so much with Autumn
Say no more! Sweetheart!
You’ve been holding my hand too long!


(written for piano players)

Oh, my darling!
Later, laying quietly in my grave
I still remember the love rest between us
Love beats stumbled; musical bars tipped
Notes missed; our tune fell short.
And I know!
Your fingers shedding tears on the keyboard refining sounds
Mingle with the cicadas’ wailing titling tree branches downward
Sowing sadness on the suffering melody
Your heart forever loves me in the blue love song.


Translated by LINH VU

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