Poems by Wisdom Wise Wonder

Poems by Wisdom Wise Wonder


Night thoughts

I was witty when the sleeping sunlight silently fades into the breathe of the aura
hiding all its element of ethereal beam from me,
which seems fair to my name.

I grow up never meeting my companion,
We never played or talked to each other since we were young,
We only heard of ourselves through the lips of the living wonders,
and till tomorrow we may never set eyes on each other,
and I hope we do not,
for it would be so unfair to my personality.


Lushes of gold

You have found a way to explore the desire,
to ease the affinity of our sea,
and render my world with splendorous splendor,
tender with tenderness,
making my passion surrender its mansion to your awesomeness.

When your avalanche wraps the branches of all the beauty blushing in my ranches,
I was electrified by the flame of this romantic fire,
inspired by the entire glee of your amazement.

I let loose the bind,
the droplets which tingle the fall of the rain,
and rises above drizzle of cascading storm,
for your determined vision places a sapphire rose of incandescent blaze on my mind,
everyday with lushes of gold.

When love dances in the moon ,
it charms the breath of the witty drowsy night,
depicting the unseen shadows in the horizon,
with careful serene kisses,
and that’s what your splendorous splendor tender the tenderness of my passion with ,

an esoteric blossom budging my motion every day with lushes of gold.

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