Dr. Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman (Malaysia)

Dr. Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman (Malaysia)
Dr. Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman, hails from Kuala Kurau, Perak, Malaysia. She is a poet, researcher, certified translator, literary critic and essayist. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Academy of Malay Studies, Universiti Malaya and Diploma in Professional Translation (Honours) from Malaysian Translation Association. Held the post as lecturer and Head of Translation Unit at IPGKBM prior to her optional retirement. Translated Aminur Rahman’s poetry book Perpetual Diary, Anthology 6 Poets of Bangladesh, local and international poems, official documents for public universities, institutions and working papers for Asia-Pacific Regional Policy Forum on Early Childhood Care and Education (2016). Her poems are published in 80 anthologies published by leading publications, local and international. Her English poems are compiled in the book Malaysian Literature in English. She has been awarded Cyber Poetry Award (2003, 2004), First Prize Online Ramadan Poetry organized by esastera.com (2004),The National Literary Award (2006-2007), Darul Ridzuan Literary Prize (2016, 2018), Citra Sahabat DBP Award (2016), Ecology Award from Rivas, Central America (2018), Mewadev Laurel Award from Amlor: Banda, UP, India (2018) and NUMERA Srikandi Award (2018). Four poems of Raja Rajeswari are Malay songs now. Her poems have been translated into various languages such as English, German, Tamil, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian. Dr. Raja Rajeswari also present papers for conference, seminar, symposium and colloquiums local and international. Currently, translates poems for POINT Editions digital magazine in Spain and blog Poetry Bridges in Poland. A committee member of NUMERA Writers Association and a life long member of Malaysian Writers Association (PENA), Perak Writers Association (Karyawan Perak), Malaysian Translation Association (MTA) and a member of World Congress of Poets (WCP) and World Foundation for Peace.
sprinkle one’s thought
with drops of miraculous water
to inhale pure air
in a grey sky.
comfort stormy feelings
with drops of honey
to stop over peacefully
in a black ocean.
spray troubled souls
with red ink
to be bold and self-reliant
in a cruel world.
smudge the ignorant
with white chalk
to be steer clear of taint
in this stained world.
Only they can
sketch rainbows on a white novice
They are WOMEN !
At the birth of dawn
my soul struggles
to interpret the didactic universe
weaved in multi colours.
Arrogance young and red
Vengeance sharp and black
Injury white and fresh
Confusion remains blue.
Arrogance, vengeance, injury, confusion
united, blended in colours of nature
reveals reality
the absence of voices of humanity.
The universe speaks the truth
voices of humanity, slipped in human
The universe conveys feelings
voices of confidence, missed by the heart.
The truth may be young
The feelings may be long
But I’m still in search of a true rainbow!
As my fingers observe the leaves of age
In the new morning
My soul shoulders heavy grief
Reading painful events
Decorating the day
My soul regrets at
Dissolving humanity
Sinking loyalty
Stinking individuality.
As lust overwhelms soul
Knowledge is a tired river
As anger becomes cheap
Blood is a common serving
As envy embraces self
Human heart is a regular serving
As greed conquers man
Flesh and blood are delicious meals.
Though red incidents
Stains history
A million spears pierce
I am still waiting patiently
For a proud dawn!
Dr. Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman ( Malaysia)

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