Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas


My Thoughts Rumba

moi, a fallen leaf
can i stop
my thought
of you?

chilling breeze
stealing a kiss
on my peekaboo.

bite my lips
feel my spirit
nous, so be one!

prick my eyes
that you would be
the last image
my soul could see.

__ade c.
7:13pm tuesday 08 sept 2029
sydney australia



my desire
my thought
my love
bursting !!!
no space
for my lover
to utter…
nothing! Lol!

__ade c.
monday 7:22pm sept 2019
sydney australia



a voluptuous lover,
a formidable
sense of glory
of all poets…
in its subliminal
coved ceiling of darkness,
moves with “time and space”.

by the time
a poet in his
but a threadlike reach,
she tiptoes away
in her kind of
‘tableau vivant’
keeps a poet
in pursuit!

__ade c.
monday 11:27am sept 2019
sydney australia



it is when
i get overwhelmed
the whirlwind cool
my steps
slip at risk
how it ends.

__ade c.
monday 5:25pm sept 2019
sydney australia

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