“What you seek” – Monalisa Dash Dwibedy / Critical Review by Honourable poet Sahjahan Ali Ahmed

Monalisa Dash Dwibedy
What you seek
How do you feel,
When your favourite poet praises your poems?
When your idol falls in love with you?
When restless moon peeps through your window to take a glance of you ?
When the universe listens to you.
When the ether answers your prayers.
When rainbow welcomes you to its life.
When silken spring breeze
carrying fragrance of jasmine,
Whispers in your ears ,
“I thought of you while borrowing the scent of Jasmines”.
When it happens, do realize,
Your canvas of life is humming a platonic hue,
What you seek is seeking YOU.
Copyright © Monalisa Dash Dwibedy
Critical Review by Honourable poet Sahjahan Ali Ahmed:
The word “Fiesta” refers to ‘public celebration in Spain or Latin America, especially one on a religious holiday.’ When floods of joyous feelings ooze out of heart at celebration time, those zen moments we refer them broadly as “fiesta of feelings.”
The exquisite poem “What You Seek” by celebrated poetess Monalisa Dash Dwibedy unfolds myriad vistas of reality in a very poetic way in realistic set up. The prelude of the poem speaks volumes of the poetess’ proclivity and her abrupt beginning reminds the readers the metaphysical poems of John Donne. On the very onset, she puts a series of pertinent queries to the readers seeking their immediate and reactive feelings on some momentous moments of life.
In the second stanza the poetess comes up with a set of apt answers and wants to know the genuine feelings on such special occasions. Both in the replies of first set of questions and in their rapt reactions on receiving answers, there lay concealed “Fiesta of Feelings”. That’s ‘PLATONIC HUE ‘ for which the readers wait yearning for years.
There are moments in life when heart overflows with sincere feelings. When a poet’s poem is appreciated wholeheartedly by his ‘favourite poet’ , the man whom a lady considers her icon of life and secretly yearns to fall in love, as in fact he himself ‘falls in love’ with his self. This highlights a poet’s true sincerity to SELF which suffices an age old quote
“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”
Here the poetess clearly validates self- esteem, self- worth which is the highest possession of an individual.
With strong imageries in her vibrant verses
she sings,
“When restless moon peeps through your window to take a glance of you”
are indeed unforgettable moments of stupendous feelings of life.
Every human being on earth has certain desires and dreams in life. He wishes his voice to be heard by the universe or his life be as colourful as the rainbow and to get his dreams materialised, he offers prayers to ‘the ether’ ( symbolic of God) . If he ever realises that the spring breeze brings fragrance of Jasmine for him and frankly confesses –
““I thought of you while borrowing the scent of Jasmines”
that’s the apotheotic moment of life’s fulfillment. Suddenly “the canvas” of his life is tinted with ‘platonic hue’ and he realises that the ONE for whom he has been waiting lifelong ,is also searching him. In the words of the poet,
“When it happens, do realize,
Your canvas of life is humming a platonic hue,
What you seek is seeking YOU.”
I’d like to sum up – ” And that’s when fiesta of feelings reaches its zenith for a craving soul to be mingled with the ultimate soul. This is the highest attainment in one’s domain of desire.
A poem with a touch of spirituality speaks astoundingly the absolute celebration in real sense for a sensible sane.
So far the poetic technicalities are concerned, the humble poem is embedded with a number personifications such as “restless moon peeps”, “the universe listens”, “ether answers”, with lot many masmerizing imageries that bemuse reader for a concerete conclusion. They not only add beauty to the poem , but also make her ideas better and big to be resonated in the minds of readers in a bid to celebrate every moment with all sincerity.
Having loads of aesthetic values in her each verse, the poem has earned “Poet of the Fortnight” title for the poetess from the jurors of International Poetic Group “Poemarium”. it’s worth deserving. My high commendations too.
Hope more mesmerizing verses will flow from her idyllic quill in the time to come.Let the path of her poetic career be strewn with colourful roses. Wish her all success. Best wishes!!
Sahjahan Ali Ahmed
All Rights Reserved

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