Poems by Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan

Poems by Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan
Monalisa,be a name
At every household
Beaming ever ready with an inward
Smile not visible to all
You are a mountain of patience
Full of virtues blended
Commanding respect among all
Looking upright to face anything
That comes along the way
.you are but a rare piece of art
The most unraveled mystery.
I wonder what god could have
Inspired the painter to create a
Thing of wonder.
I used to feel.like Monalisa dr
To make all viewers
Beam with a smile
At a single glance of mine.
In your smile lies my life
With a radiating focus of happiness
In your eyes lies my spark
Kindling me to set in motion
To get all things done
In your stature lies my gait
To command respect
In all walks of life
In your fearless spirit lies my courage
To perform anything in life
In your dauntless courage
lies my strength to face
Anything in strife.
In your demeanour lies
The change in my attitude to others.
Every blossom blooms at the human touch
I bloom without being touched
Gold may get blushed by the heat
But I get blushed by your sight.
No love will come without touch
Is the view of all
No intimacy comes without
cling ing to each other is too the
Surmise of all.
No affinity is possible without
Being at close proximity
Without touching each other.
Is the conviction of all.
Love is not like this
Love may appear
In the twinkling of the eyes
In the inward smile easily
Recognizable by the counter part
It may also be visible
In a gesture,in a kind
Word or deed to
Protect the other
At times of penury
At times of hard ship
At times of depression
Such is the potency of love
To make the two
As inseparable as the
Love birds.
Such love will remain
Till the end of lives
Is what I experience.
Do you know if I tell who is in my heart?
Do u know if I tell who is caressing me with
Do u know if I tell
Who is encircling me with his thoughts?
Do you know if I tell who is in my constant remembreance?
Do you know if I tell that
I am not prepared to accept
The kingdom of heaven for him?
Guess who is he?
We two are made of
Such stuff as love is on
Closely knitted not to get snapped up.
We being flesh and blood positive
we both are posit I’ve king and queen
Love is so sweet
So serene
It comes from deep understanding
It comes from the respect
Each for the feelings of the other
A kind of noble feeling
Too difficult to attain
Too difficult to express in words
It is to be experienced not in words
That is what is happening in chats
But in actions.
To attain it both have to deserve it.
Better find worth in living too

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