THE FAMILY MEAL / Poem by Tong Thu Ngan

Poem by Tong Thu Ngan



Have never been away from meals
There are parents and children who are full
Have never been old in the old house
Has faded in civilization

It’s so hard to have family meal now
The family are sitting around on the table
This era everyone is in a hurry
After eating, we have to go to work

Have you ever been a place, father one anchor
The children are American, the African…
The era @ the blame
Because life is in a hurry to follow

The poor meal is in the old days is still available
Mom is watching rice, father takes a cup to wait
Poor meal full of poetry
Grandpa and Grandma are sitting together

Blame to do the flow of life
Family meal is a dream now
Father sitting tight pillow looking forward
Mother poem, miss you every one

That’s life, we have the right to choose
But how can this era 4.0 know
The meals of those who love each other
Now it’s just a wish

Know when we get
Poor meal with spinach, vegetable
A cup of soy sauce and a gangster
So full of laughter

Have never been the family lonely
Sitting and chewing rice but tears fall of
Can’t swallow, eat rice like pebbles
This era… oh why there are so many strange things…


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