DUAN Guang’an (China)

DUAN Guang’an (China)
DUAN Guang’an, born in 1956 in Tianjin, as a famous poet and scientific worker, he is the chairman of the Association of Tianjin Lu Li Study, vice-director and secretary general of Tianjin July Poetry Society, associate managing editor of Tianjin Poets, and a member of the Chinese Writers Association. He has published over 600 poems on newspapers and periodicals including Poetry Periodical, Selected Poems, The Star Poetry Periodical, The Forest of Poetry, Digest, and Xinhua Wenzhai (or New China Digest), etc. He has published two collections of poems: The Poems of DUAN Guang’an and Selected Poems of DUAN Guang’an. He has won several prizes for his poems, some of which have been included into various poetry anthologies and, some have been translated into English, Russian, Arabic, Romanian, Italian, Bosnian and Japanese, etc.
These Stones
The hillside is interspersed
With sharp and angular stones
Who are familiar with each other like village boys
An unexpected mountain torrent
Engulfs them in a debris flow
Which flows downward into rivers
Until they are same and similar
Smooth and slick
Yet these stones still retain
Their sharpness which reveals
Upon breaking.
Stone Tablet
The stone tablet is an old man with broken arms
Yet his grace and vigor persists
The tip of a writing brush
Is bold and vigorous like the beard
Any impassioned speech
Fails to move him
History plays about him
A mere instant.
Burial of Mother
Facing the sun
I kneel on the ground
Watching Mother’s coffin
Gradually descending
Like a dewdrop slowly dropping aground
Turning into vapor to rise upward gently
The earth folds itself and the palm gently holds it
And slowly give it to the sun
The huge hands of sunshine take over Mother
To be integrated with the nature
Maternal love is like water, crystalline and transparent
And it runs in my blood
And the roots and branches of trees
Turning into the force to bring forth buds and flowers
Together with the towering branches I
Extend my arms toward the sun
Tears dripping and dropping
Within me
Without me
Mother has become a free self.
Translated by ZHANG Zhizhong

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