XU Chunfang (China)

XU Chunfang (China)
XU Chunfang, born in 1976 in Wangjiang County, Anhui Province, is a famous poet in contemporary China. He graduated in 1998 from the Chinese Department of Anhui Normal University. He has been a teacher and editor-reporter, and now he is a civil servant and executive editor of The World Poets Quarterly (multilingual),. He is the winner of “The Best Poet for the 1st Anhui Poetry”. His works have been carried on a variety of newspapers and magazines, such as Chinese and Overseas Literature, Stars, Shanghai Poets, Flying Heavenward, Poetry Monthly, Green Wind, Poetry Forest, Poetry Tide, Pure Brightness, Anhui Daily, Tibet Daily, and Xin’an Evening Paper, etc., and some of his works have been included into Chinese Poetry Almanac, Annual Excellent Chinese Essays 2014, and The Feast of Words, etc. His published poetry collections include Song of Solomon and Carols.
Classical Affection
The age of The Book of Songs has turned around and left
The wide-sleeved robe and traditional Chinese characters have turned around and left
Leaving me as vain as the nostalgic pagoda of Song Dynasty
Standing in a spot where ancient tree leaves are whispering
The starry sky above Zheshan Mountain, the moon is a small mouse
Which nibbles at loneliness when there is nobody nearby, the bronze mirror is rusty
In the twinkling of an eye, red lips and pink face become sockets
The empty skeleton
Also by the lake, also in the prime of youth
Also beneath plum flowers, also in the deep night
I have been back to Southern Tang Dynasty, the sculpture on the face is so grave
The night is yet young, the little white mouse is nibbling at the heart
It is ancient China that has given me a love letter
A melody of qin which is out of tune in the world
Melancholy of History
Between heaven and earth a hundred battles!
The wind frost of each day is carving dim bright light on a withered bone.
The moon is a drop of tear which never dries for a thousand years.
O the boundless land, an ancient tomb is whose gauze cap which is reluctant to be thrown away?
The blind Homer, cuts off a patch of waves of the Aegean Sea.
Where are the shoes of Qu Yuan?
A seagull between heaven and earth.
Sudden Enlightenment
A blind person has been bright throughout the night
Like a line of Tang poem which nobody reads.
All is with birth and extinction —
Dewdrops sing a song which moistens the fate
Do you still remember the names of those flowers?
One, two blossoms … blossoming by the creek!
— See you next spring!
Translated by ZHANG Zhizhong

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