Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
bare branches
between heaven and earth
so wonderful
I smell your
Sweet perfume
Wonderful autumn
in my heart
in my heart-
mountainous terrains,
and white-crested seas
no more guilt
no more shame
my heart is yours
i still i am yours
no title
Red and grey poppies
explode with fresh spring colors,
invading my yard.
you are the air
in my heart
in my soul
in my thoughts
you stayed
you are the air I breathe
i don’t know
I don’ t know why
Heavy tears are
Rolling down my cheeks.
I don’ t know why
Please tell me why
I want your lips
You’re incredibly sweet,
But i am selfish.
I want your lips
my dearest Romanian friend Vasile
your name
is sweet honey
on my lips
of all the names invented
your is the most beautiful
hot cappuccino
warming my fingers
autumn cool
My diary
Between two page
A pressed red tulip

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