Poems by Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

Poems by Membis Okorie Chukwukamma



I’m writing you a new song
The testament of my love
Hoping it will play longer
And ignite your heart forever
For you are where I belong

Time shall travel against us
And someday we shall age
But before I take my rest
I hope you would kiss my lips
For you are where I belong

My heart is full of sunshine
And soft rainbows on my sky
So come to me sweet lady
And sail to the coast with me

I don’t promise you a calm sea
But nothing will sink this ship
And when the wind is so heavy
I will kiss and touch you warmly

Now we are young and vibrant
I want you to give me a promise
That you will always think of me
And build me a tent in your heart
For you are where I belong

Truly time shall come my love
These men will come to steal
But I want you to know right now
That we are meant to be
And you are where I belong

Don’t just stand right there
Walk straight into my bed room
Lock the door and off the light
Let us have a complete mood
Show me your sinful attitude

Kiss me darling, yes slowly
Tell me your sweet stories
Sleep on my chest baby
Let’s wake up on the floor
Show me your sinful attitude.



I learnt to love from my mother
For she loves me like no other
And when I am feeling pain
She’s going through the same

I learnt to care from my mother
For all night while I sleep
She walks into the room
And cover me with the blanket

I learnt honesty from my mother
She never lies to me
And when the truth is bitter
She manages to say it clearly

I learnt to be bold from my mother
She confronts her angels
And make them bow before her
Oh! my mother my loving goddess

I learnt to pray from my mother
With her kneels on the floor
She solely carved my future
And blessed all neighbors

I learnt hardwork from my mother
She never goes to sleep
Until her daily task is completed
And that is simply who she is

I learnt forgiveness from my mother
She has no space for grudges
No revenge or hatred in her saintly soul
Even when she is being wronged

I learnt loyalty from my mother
Irrespective of her uniqueness
Her divine and charming nature
She walks like everyone else

I learnt to write from my mother
She read and edited my first poem
And I hope when I write my last
It would forever adore her

I learnt to be courageous from my mother
She faced all difficulties and triumphed
And when demons stood before
She cut their heads with sword of faith

I learnt wisdom from my mother
From the many stories of her life
The things she has been through
And the knowledge she has acquired

I learnt to teach from my mother
A devoted and wonderful teacher
In classrooms and at home
She taught me how to be myself

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