Poems by Svetlana Petrova

Poems by Svetlana Petrova
What is Love?
A girl looked in the mirror and expressed:
“My mom’s hair is silky but mine is a mess,
My mom’s voice flows in air like a fountain
While I squeak like a chick under her wing.
My mom’s gestures are of a graceful swan
But I’m clumsy like duck walking on my own.
My mom’s stride is a splendor of a panther
And I move around like an amateur dancer.
My mom’s lambent smile is a true sunbeam,
She’s like a distant fragrance of the dream.
And I’m a naughty kid indulged by everyone,
I’m a loud thunder hidden behind the sun.
My mom is Love, she’s tenderness of a silk
And who am I? Just her mischievous kid…
I admire her day by day and just can’t stop,
But somehow ashamed to ask what’s Love.”
While little girl was tortured by the doubts
Her dad was standing by with open mouth,
He soundlessly approached his wonder girl:
“You’re a diamond, the rarerest of them all.
Your curly hair is as silky as your mother’s,
Your voice’s sweeter than songs of summer,
You’ll be as gorgeous as sophisticated doe,
With smile brighter than colors of rainbow.
And if you wish to know what’s really Love,
Come to the mirror, words are not enough.
Look in your own eyes where you will find
All future answers swinging in your mind.
Perhaps one day you’ll be more confident
That you’re a rose spreading a royal scent,
You’ll know that there’s one only of the few
Called it’s majesty Love and it will be you!…
A thousand years traveler
Spitting out outworn emotions like apple stones,
Setting feet on beloved land, I welcome my home,
I’ve travelled much alone, time has come to rest,
Lonely miles in patched shoes, from east to west.
No pity for myself, walking under scorching sun,
Quickening my steps, always restless on the run.
My eyes never slept blinking thousand times more
In case of creeping jeopardy from unknown shore.
Looking through a heavy fog brushing away a tear,
Helplessly in trap of my pent-up feelings for years.
Never letting myself any weakness on the halfway,
Groping my way though thorns brooking no delay.
Eyes towards a crimson sunset and golden sunrise,
Stumbling over the doubts at the crossroads of time.
I’m a thousand years traveler longing for my dream,
Like a rivulet aspiring to fall into turquoise streams.
Luscious like a pulp of fruit there dwells a reverie,
Wears a crown encrusted with diamonds like a fairy.
Her fortress is safely protected by dauntless knights
Thus only a soundless wind hears her twilight sighs.
No one had ever penetrated through its bricky walls,
No one dared break to pieces her unbearable thrall.
And when the wind subsided I heard twilight cries,
Outrunning the time I followed after my restless eyes.
A thousand years traveler with sunrise on my palms,
Eternity in a blink, dancing with disappearing stars.
Catching sunshine threads piercing me like needles,
Only on the halfway but emotionally weak and feeble.
Lost count of days and roads bearing my footprints
Urged by audacity falling astray far from my dream,
Was ready to quit when suddenly I heard a scream,
It sounded like a plea of lonely swan with one wing.
Wind started blowing wild picking me up like a bird,
Filling my lungs I braced myself for pent-up words.
A thousand years traveler, closer than ever before,
Hesitating on the threshold of impenetrable door.
Taking breath I touched the lock and was surprised,
Everything stood motionless in a single blink of time.
I dropped my wings and caught a lonely silhouette
Melting in sunrise leaving a golden halo on my head.
Undisturbed by caring wind I was left on my own,
Adjusted myself to silence I realized it was my home.
The sacred place I tried to see was a place of mine
Where my dream wove superfine silk from sunshine.
A thousand years traveler is finally back for good,
Now I may fall asleep blissfully caressed by solitude.
And while I’ll be sleeping may the wind blow wild
Sweeping up my footprints and deeply buried smiles.
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