Kolec P. Traboini (Albania- USA)

Kolec P. Traboini (Albania- USA)

Kolec Traboini, Albanian – American poet and writer, a journalist by profession, originates from a patriotic family Gojçaj of Traboini of Hoti. His father, Palok Traboini, was a teacher, a publicist, insurgent and secretary to Dede Gjon Luli, Albania National Independence Hero . Kolec Traboini, after completing his university studies in 1975, worked at the Cinema Center of Albania. On 10 January 1991 he organized an anti-communist rally in front of the Tirana National Stadium in support of democratic processes. On January 16, 1991, he published in Newspaper RD No. 3, a writing where he demanded the removal of the Communist star from the National Flag. He emigrated to Greece where on April 10, 1993, he founded the Albanian Newspaper “Egnatia”. In 1995 he emigrated to the United States, and lived in Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC. Author of dozens of documentary films, 34 books, poetry, prose and journalism. Traboini has won several national awards for books and documentary films.
By decree of the President of the Republic of Albania, no. 10653, dated 15.11. 2017, Kolec Traboini awarded the title “Grand Master”.



I want to embrace the blue,
I want to kiss the sun
beyond heavenly space,
beyond the oceans that separate us,
I want, like a hungry madman, o bite
the wind.

Thou, my ripe fruit of the Mediterranean;
between reddish leaves
of the distant Ionian autumn,
that torments me,
that saddens me,
half a globe away from you,
beyond the oceans of loneliness
escaping like an errant through savannas rains.

And that chest, my God …
beautiful white like Fidia’s marble,
with two breasts like two spicy pomegranates,
where the sun holds the breath
the moon of envy itself bites,
there life itself conceived the embryo of light
poured through stellar streams
in the heart of galaxies
in the Milky Way.

Right there on that chest
where it never stops me
odyssey to dreaming,
as the first and final explorer
of two virgin planets
of my constellation orbit
i want to hold my breath
and to mourn and perish.

I want to embrace the blue,
i want to kiss the sun
beyond heavenly space,
beyond the oceans that separate us,
like, a hungry madman, I want to bite
the wind.

From the book “Nokturn”
Boston 2004
Written by Kolec Traboini on 25/10/19
© Traboini 2019



Our youth fled
like spring sliding across the sky
with some blue birds flying
in the wind carousels,
and never knowing to return

And now we look at it
years gone by
as an abandoned nest
in up to a high poplar.

From those sad poplars
in paintings of Vangjush Mio
that now
in Drenova they are not,
but only grieve in the canvas
of the last century.

That’s how they threw us
even in the nightmare of life
to get a sad image:
Nature Morte.

September 26, 2003
Written by Kolec Traboini on 25/10/19
© Traboini 2019

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