Paradigm / Poem by Aneeta Chitale

Poem by Aneeta Chitale
Forty years ago –
As the train cantered,
Through the ‘Mano Majra’ station-
It was a bloody wagon, carrion-
In the still Grey Sky
That –
Lulled the minds of over lookers-
Told The saga of 1956 – In Khushwant Singh’s
‘Train To Pakistan’-
Spoke of rebellious spirit & hideous acts
Of Satyr’s-
Full of redundant images of ruthless
Of bloodshed and pathos!
Is the gruesome story-
Of the gory massacres,
Is the story of ‘Punjab’!
That sill echoes in tremulous cries
On defiant ears and dwells
In the haunted memories
Of the past generations!
Rummages; the pyromania’s welt
That left millions uprooted;
And young innocent- disheveled souls destitute!
Forty years before- was for a piece of land
Forty years later- retells
A saga of ‘Militants’
Of bloodshed and caprice!
The land haunted by
Dreaded ‘Terrorist’s’!
Waging wars,
Of Deceit!
Is it the Krukshetra?
Of ‘Modern times’!
Copyright © of Poet Aneeta Chitale –(India)Written in 1982.

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