Poems by S. Liaqath Peeran

Poems by S. Liaqath Peeran
Heaven of Unknown
Why do I think always of oblivion?
Like a reed to sing sad songs!
Of separation from some unknown
Source, of Deity of antiquity.
My pain of living, desertion of love
Of missing goals, hurt & sorrow
Create an urge to dissolve my being.
To fly to some unknown destination.
Where my forgotten aliens live
In a lost paradise of “hurries”.
With Moon eyed beauty of rare kind.
Where milk and honey flows always.
Where joys never fade or diminish.
Where sensuousness flows like a stream.
Oh! Why these urges of a flute’s songs.
Beckoning me to a long lost love.
Tickling in me flames of love.
That enflames me to zest and zeal.
Frenzy gripping my whole being.
To whirl like a dancing dervish.
To bleed my heart with aches & throbs.
O far away love, flown away from me.
Return to me on wings of poesy.
To carry me to heaven of unknown.
From mother’s womb
Love is from mother’s womb & lap,
Sucking milk, clinging to her.
Lisping numbers, every moment, eternal
Adding to learning, learning every moment.
Consciousness growing slowly, steadily.
All elements awakening gradually
Stored in the deep spaces of mind.
Day by day adding to knowledge,
Skills and information stored.
Memory acts as a gift of Divine.
Every era creates a new man.
With new actions, new thinking, new ideas.
Growth of man is evolution.
Imagination going berserk,
To let out dreams into reality,
Soaring higher and higher in infinity.
Singly or collectively actions combined
Collective consciousness in society,
Moving in space but grounded on Earth.
Whole cosmos moving in unison.
Mind exposed to nature and space,
Absorbing elements from nature.
Focal and central is the force of love.
A supreme feeling, an urge
To mingle, to cling to another.
Like mother holding a child in arms.
Man is a child of nature.
Mother Earth protecting, caring,
Producing food and wealth,
Medicine and panacea to illness,
Joys, mirth and pleasures.
Love is supreme, love is all.
Dance of Love
The spark of individuality of a person
To sustain him forever, to remain in him
Till death does him apart and thereafter.
Affection in relationships,
Of love to give and share.
To sacrifice and humble oneself.
To be compassionate and merciful.
To let go of vengeful feelings,
Of revenge and let blood or to harm.
To be always calm, cool, forgiving.
To remove in oneself feeling of remorse,
Of pain and suffering,
Of boisterousness, vehemence,
Of stubbornness, heedlessness,
Of callousness of lethargy,
Of greed, aggrandizement.
Mind to remain at peace.
Then love flowers into fragrance,
To bear sweet fruits to enjoy.
Then the music of Divine flows
Enthrall me
In the silence of my mind and soul.
In the wee hours of my life.
The past haunts me like a ghost.
Hooting like an owl,
Screeching like halting tyres.
Projecting me on the screen of life
My wickedness, my meanness
My ego, my pride, my foolishness
My self-centeredness, my bad planning.
Of how I faltered with wrong moves.
The light on the stage dimming.
Throwing dark shadows
Pouncing on me, throttling me.
Holding me by the collar.
I get the punches on my nose.
I realise that the world is slippery.
Glittering, with fragrance of a rose.
Attractive making a slave of me.
Now when the pleasures of the past
Have waned leaving me crippled,
The world makes faces at me.
Teasing me, making a fool of me.
Yet I resist its glamour and glitter.
I have realized its tricks, snares.
I watch every step in my crutches.
I pray for light to descend
And envelop me, to enthrall me.
My faith is strong. Eyes gleaming.
I yearn for Thee with all my heart.
To breath my last with Thy name on lips.

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