The Ghost Wisdom—Inspiring Souls Across Kingdoms! / Reviewer: Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

The Ghost Wisdom—Inspiring Souls Across Kingdoms!

Author: Shiju H. Pallithazheth
Country: Oman
Copyright: Author ©2019
Date Published: 23rd June 2019
Book Title: The Ghost Wisdom
Languages: English
Publisher: Independently Published
Pages: 348
ISBN 10: 1750807093
ISBN 13: 9781075807091
Paper Back: $10.97
Kindle: $4.99



I am very enthusiastically invigorated with love for this awe-inspiring book. The front cover shows enlightenment of a higher power welcoming humankind. It’s dedication to worldwide humanity is awesome and reflects positive consideration for the welfare of others. The “Feel Analysis” new concept, devised by the author for connectivity and reflective ambiance to ensure quality of readership is definitely ingenious. I am ecstatic and highly jubilant to be a part of such a bilateral and transparent communication process greatly uplifting and inspiring readers.

The introduction of the supernatural entity regarding future knowledge is fascinating. The gradual journey of progression and revelation, enabling positive vibes, and organic wisdom, with courage and confidence to face challenges in life, anytime, anywhere, and under any conditions with success from the “Ghost Wisdom” is awe-inspiring. I fully concur, that passing this book on to other generations should result in the development of one’s intellectual, emotional, and psychological perspective and ability to be wiser and stronger across the spectrum of humanity. This awesome book consists of eleven chapters, with ten whispers of “Ghost Wisdom” from the supernatural in each with our illustrious author.

Chapter One: “Wisdom Entry Muscat, Oman!”

Chapter one begins in Muscat, Oman. Our author while exercising in an urban center, encounters a supernatural force causing him to stop and rest. Witnessing a smoky ghost like figure developing before his eyes, he was petrified. Conversation proceeded between them regarding his existence, during which he articulates love for his family. The ghostly figure provided intellectual guidance as a friend, with life’s progression in the form of whispers going above and beyond love of the family for knowledge-based existence. The initial stages of ten whispers from the ghost figure are inspirational and educational. These whispers lead to realization of knowledge, obtaining success by following and upholding applicable principles, and enlightenment in life with humility and curiosity. The first set of whispers follows:

First Whisper: “Be wise and rise!”

These four words stimulated successful travels for our author. His journey resulted in intellectual acuity, enhanced wisdom, and strengthened vision. The desire to be wiser in life, allows one to rise above expectations. Such obvious achievement and enlightenment will not be achieved by sitting or lying around smoking and joking—and not being wise and rising!

Second Whisper: “Wisdom is gained through books. If your eyes can observe well, they will teach you what a library can’t!”

This whisper enhances one’s ability to observe, think, interact, and releases creativity. Interactions and observations give a new realization of life over books, which reflect past behaviors, and present a differing reality. This strengthen one’s foundation with broader wisdom making positive changes with progress, from the fusion of mind and intelligence, especially with countries and cultures. Being distinguished through talent and potential accelerate one in the right direction. It will not allow the cocooning in archaic conservative remnants presented in old books; however, it allows moving beyond such theory to practical applications of knowledge.

Third Whisper: “Wisdom is not based on educational qualifications; it’s based on one’s curiosity to observe the factors that impact life positively!”

Humankind are busily pursing educational credentials to prove their competency, and the ability to learn moves one ahead. However, the environment takes us on the path of glory and distinction. Can anyone show me a successful person who has not experience the opportunity of inspirational upliftment without the use of environmental opportunity and perception? Naturally, presumed success goes beyond just mere books without practical application.

Fourth Whisper: “Keeping alive the curious child in you helps identify genius around you, and supports developing yours!”

Unlike a child, most people spoil the ambiance around them with their attitude. Children will fearlessly wear a smile in a crowd. People lose such skills with growth and feel inferior based on communication, wealth, and perceived barriers. Children are not hesitant to ask a question while seeking knowledge. Everyone will share their knowledge with a sweet child and not a pretentious snob. Thomas Edison, displaying the curiosity of a child, gave us light in dark places. Being curious and asking questions assist us in overcoming barriers with inspirational interaction. It allows to help us in obtaining and shedding the true light of knowledge.

Sixth Whisper: “Love yourself without hatred of others. This gains access to knowledge and makes you gradually wise!”

This teaches humbleness is a saving grace for success. If one doesn’t display such, it will not be returned. Self-esteem sparks confidence by displaying respect and aspirations, thus pursing the right path recognizes potentials. Some individuals fail in this arena from lack of confidence to pursue their passion, traveling the right path, and humbly learning from their mistakes. Displaying ignorance is a barrier to learning, while mutual respect promotes the expansion of intellectualism.

Eight Whisper: “If you don’t take life seriously, it can never treat you generously!”

Naturally, maturity comes with responsibility and seriousness allowing success to be beneficial; therefore, applying the essence of knowledge gained in life triggers a spirit of positiveness. Laziness and an idle mind are not receptive, and they constitute shattering of the basic foundation of knowledge and intellectualism; therefore, seek success resulting from inspiration, thus advancing and making society more potent!

Based on the above, our author has gained many insight and realization of life with knowledge, success, and from worldwide curiosity. The resulting impact is a fruitful life, handling responsibilities with mindfulness, living with successful thoughts, understanding and applying potential as a basic foundation for success, and obtaining the essence of enlightenment. This completes the initial entry of wisdom he achieved in Muscat, Oman, thus preparing him for another journey of knowledge from the ghost figure while traveling the path of life in Morocco.

Chapter Two: “Ghost Appears In Morocco!”

The ghost followed him to Morocco, and instructed him he is the chosen one to unveil mysteries of life. The first whisper illustrates, “The Spirit to succeed will make merits to excel!” This involves garnering merits from experience, multi-tasking ability, success driven by one’s spirit, an innate soul to excel, desires of enhancement without fear, embracing challenge, and sewing nurturing seeds of merit to achieve enhanced success in life.

The second whisper states, “Successful people will overlook the impurities in society that stain them. Their quest is for infinite motivation!” This teaches we should stay away from condescending minds. They come in various forms of strengths and weaknesses with views and opinions. Always prolificate inspiring and successful stories, thus honing your potential, and avoid pessimism with caution and behold the glorious lessons in each rainbow of success.

Additionally, each whisper in this chapter enhances the mind as follows: #3) be on a united team for success which raises one’s spirit. #4) Start writing your own success story. Success is your signature of satisfaction, follow it and obtain your purpose in life. #5) Face solutions in life and don’t see problems as barriers to success—overcome them! Use determination to diminish obstacles, and be influenced with inspiration. #6) Success is future happiness with a path of aspiration. New challenges allow you to conquer new heights. Readers will seek out your future stories since success has no permanent ending only an inspiring continuation, and remain confident along the path. #7) Don’t let fear of failure stop you by giving excuses. Be a warrior with enhancing goals. Success has no limits and visionaries never retire.

Next, seek diversification, create mergers, explore new horizons, and see success as a drip in the ocean of satisfaction, because it has only one alternative—the desire to achieve more! #8) Don’t ever underestimate the relevance of yourself to succeed. Construct your thoughts, driven by your passion, and win with determination. Use your gift of life to constructively think positive and relevant thoughts. It a never-ending journey as your passion reaches higher for success.

Furthermore, #9) states, stay on the right path with the expectations from your mother guidance, health in growing a positive attitude, and overcoming with happiness. One of my mother’s desires was for me to understand, read, interpret, write, and recite poetic literature successfully. I was about to flunk that class in high school. I was a wizard of mathematics and working with archaic voices of poetry was a devastating loss for me. I can clearly see the day my mother visited my school and had a conversation with my teacher. Thereafter, her personal tutelage in reading, writing, interpreting, and reciting poems has taken me on a worldwide journey of uplifting the bowed down heads of worldwide humanity with inspiring poetic words. I learned a personal lesson regarding a mother’s love, conviction, and inspiring thoughts for her child’s success, which I have follow to this day and always will. If you’re a mother, take charge and don’t let go. Remember, “Where there is a will there is a legitimate way to inspire success!” Don’t deviate from your course, and don’t let others hoodwinked you to downfall either, take charge and command of your future with progress.

Additionally, #10) states, small steps lead to big leaps in success, and acquired methodology of such gives extra leaps. Never underestimate your importance, identify new opportunities, learn new things with maturity which expand success, and always keep a clear vision generating the innate sense of positivity to lead you along the path of success!

Chapter Three: “Blowing The Trumpet On Human Characters In Shardeni, Georgia!”

It was summer in Tbilisi, Georgia, while walking the Shardeni streets, another entreated meeting with the ghost figure took place with our esteemed author. Their conversation embarked upon human character and behavior unveiling the reality of attitude and genius.

The first whisper reveals, “A respectful approach to people always ends in a dignified exit!” This illustrates, that character of strength conversing with mutual respect accomplish more in life, thus using the right attitude, molds one’s personality. We must value others presence using the right impression and synergy. Correspondingly, cooperation, interaction, and listening with respect is the right approach ensuring a dignified ending. Pretentiousness and snobbery lead to nowhere fast; therefore, value everyone, be courteous, and avoid authoritarianism. Remember the world embraces language of humanity, not blundering egos, and considers human character as the determining factor to ones’ success.

Chapter four: “He Was My Leader In Sri Lanka!”

Conversations with the ghost in Ski Lanka involved leadership received from a true leader. The first whisper states, “Common sense lays the seeds of leadership skills. It’s these basics that help connect with others!” This teaches that common sense plays a prominent role of influencing others. Displaying sensible ways is a first step of leadership; therefore, develop simple sense in the basics of life, by learning morals and vital etiquette in interaction and communication. Show prominence and be a role model, so others will acknowledge your guidance and knowledge by becoming ambassadors of your leadership skills for others to follow.

#2) As a leader, seek common sense that’s relevant to your surroundings and not just for yourself, and share it with others. Be the servant who multiply his talent for his master, not the one who hid his under the bush. #3) Balance limitations and potentials with confidence in all actions. #4) The lack of showing potential in someone, when criticizing the person, is a fool’s paradise—don’t do that! Provide valid objections with updated research while using basic logic and gaining sincere acceptance.

Additionally, #5) states, age doesn’t define a leader. It come with experience and interaction. Skills are developed through collaboration, reciprocation, communication, observation, and application. #6) Great minds come with leadership, confidence and mastery, and gaining others undivided attention. Support other in their journey, and diligently handle refusal with inspiring acceptance. Always embrace negativity and positivity with inspiration and allow them to sharpen your ability with precision. #7) Interaction allows one’s to define what is relevant and irrelevant; therefore, interact with audience that will benefit from your skills, motivation, and experience.

Lastly, #8) illustrates, great team captains motivate their teams with inspiration, instead of demoralizing them with complaints and faults. The showing of, wisdom, knowledge, courage, confidence, and maturity with relevance enables others to grow. Also, keep faith in those around you and yourself. Use your words to strengthen others with precision, while inspiring their strength with confidence.

Chapter Seven: “Problems Are Solved In Spain!”

The first whisper teaches, “Problems are nothing if you can find their source!” They are normally caused by factors of unfamiliarity. Unveiling the mystery results in solutions, since understanding a problem lies in identifying its source. Facing a hurdle with maturity is easier in devising a solution. Naturally, the logic in this argument is right on point; therefore, based on this, it’s easier to find a logical solution.

#3) “Problems are caused if one is frightened to face the question. Finding a thoughtful solution in a professional environment is very credible!” This teaches that problems are aggravated by procrastination, and is best to deal with them right from the start. Uncertainly contributes to enlargement of the problem and makes it worst. They should be solved by analysis and not emotion. It’s also best to be flexible when formulating a solution—realizing there is no one best way!

#7) “Last minute problem happens when one hasn’t planned properly!” One must start planning early because last minute scrambling leads to problems. Actions such as, laziness, lack of self-discipline, tiredness resulting from inactivity of the mind, and lack of motivation lead to poor planning. When importance is given, it leads to productivity, and avoid being lazy lead to happiness and success by planning.

Remember, #10) “The winds of change can be catastrophic if one is not prepared to handle them!” Many people are unable to cope with changes in life, thus causing catastrophic issues. Those who are proactive keep their eyes sharp, while looking for opportunities to make things happen. Progress will not take place by sitting in the car keeping it warm and relying on ‘maybe’ it will. Physical and psychological immobility never result in success. Indulge yourself in positive interaction with quality participation which produces motivating solutions of problems.

Chapter 11: “Emotions Revealed In Armenia!”

The first whisper states, “Letting go will never let one start life afresh, unless rebuilding of thoughts take place!” This whisper examines the survival of relationships. Barriers characterized as trivial, crucial, and exceptional are normally the cause of dissension hampering progress in relationships. Things such as: infidelity, deceit, ego, miscommunication, lack of attention, other self-induced barriers, and the like are root causes. The dedicated actions of making up instead of breaking up, is certainly an inspiring and positive way to overcome many obstacles in relationships.

#2) “There is no hope if one sees the end before the beginning!” Logically this falls into place. Hope is the bright light in darkness and uncertainty. It gives confidence when facing challenges. It’s the spiritual gift embolden the soul to see the future shining bright. In essence, hope is the mitochondrion cell powering the heart and brain to live.

Finally, #10) states, “Gratitude for what surrounds you is the best attitude in life!” Giving thanks to others is a vital part of life. It’s the opposite of ingratitude and manipulation resulting in personal gains signifying gross mistakes. Acquaintances developed from gratitude and support are very strong, and result in reduction of unfairness in society which last a lifetime. Progressing with the help and experience of others are treasure troves of gratitude—they make life complete!


Congratulations my dearly beloved brother, Shiju H. Pallithazheth, on penning this awe-inspiring text with your inedible ink! I love the flow of the words, essence of all the whispers, and impact of the messages and wisdom gained from each. They are instructionally inspiring, regarding the enhancing of one’s functional intelligence, knowledge base, and learning capacity. Your descriptive excellence in each chapter and whispers, resonates with images of mind, body and soul development as one entity. This is achieved through the soaking up of worldly uplifting knowledge, sacred moments, elevating thoughts, sensing sessions, human coordination and collaboration, while implementing the curiosity of a child vision with inspired enlightenment.

My brothers and sister, this awe-inspiring, flashing of lightening, and thunderous rolling text, shedding light to erase darkness, and rain to nourish mother earth has released the genie out of the bottle to touch and stimulate the brain to grasp knowledge, thus enhancing the use of its capacity—it’s a must read for everyone. Get your copy now! It’s like a stage performance enhancing revelation of words to uplift the mind, body and soul. Actually, it’s an amalgamation of human psychology, functional anthropology, spiritual discovery, brain-enhancing philosophy, and enlightenment with organic wisdom. It consists of positive vibes, courage, confidence, passion for justice, freedom, liberty, and independence to explore and develop each cell in the brain to achieve wholesome knowledge and creativity in the forms of intellectual, emotional, and psychological unification. This will assist you in reaching benchmarks of learning, with responding application of such to assists and uplift worldwide humanity to achieve goals and objectives in a very inspirational manner.

Additionally, every chapter and wisdom are brilliantly written. The settings in each reflect gorgeous images of the countries and time our illustrious author was present. His pursuing actions with individuals and groups reflect the ultimate consideration for their welfare and benefit before, during, and after his educational meet with the ghost figure for uplifting wisdom. Naturally, they also reaped the enhancing rewards of such.

Finally, this arousing and awe-magnificent book has numerous conventional illustrations regarding literary application of English literature and relevant figures of speech such as: comparative metaphor and simile, analogy, assonance, emphasis, imagery, narrative, perceptible nouns and verbs, syllable, symbolism, abstract, carpe diem, catalog list, ode for rats and eagles, words list, description with tense, uniformity, cliché, personification, substitution, and others. Needless I say more. Get your warm hands on this prolifically fertile text for an endless journey in enhancing and stimulation the mind, body and soul for galvanizing growth. Its functional applications will positively uplift, and increasingly energize worldwide humanity—for the betterment of society!


Reviewer: Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is a professional retired military veteran, poet, speaker, author, researcher, and book reviewer of over 50 books posted in various mediums. He is the author of seven poetry books: His first book, “A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose and Thoughts for the Mind, Body and Soul” was a best seller in his community. His second book, “Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body and Soul” won the Best Christian Poetry Award from Christian Story Tellers. and his third book, “The Awakened One Poetics” won 2nd place in the Critters Writers Workshop Best Author’s Pool, and was the Publisher’s Best Seller.

He co-authored four additional poetry books with the Worldwide Poetry Alliance, UK, where he served as the co-founder and poetry chaplain. 100% of the royalty from the books were donated to charity to provide medical support as follows: 1) “Passionate Patriotic Poetry for 9/11 Events.” 100% royalties donated to first responders medical care in New York. 2) “Patriotic Words to Support our Troops.” 100% royalties donated to the USO for the troops and their family members while traveling. 3) “Celebrating in Poetry: The 20th Century, 100 Years of Music.” 100% royalties donated to earthquake victims in Haiti, and 4) “Magic of Micheal Jackson.” 100% royalties donated to the earthquake victims in Chile, South America.

His writings have appeared globally in journals, anthologies, magazines, ezines, the U. S. Army, newspapers, et al. He was name “Apollo,” the Greek mythical god of poetry by his military comrades for appreciation of his poems. He taught at Bryant and Stratton University, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and American Baptist College, Wisconsin, after retiring from the U. S. Army. He was appointed by Governor Bill Clinton as a Goodwill Ambassador for Arkansas, USA.

He is a Distinguished Military Graduate of his Army R.O.T.C. Class, Howard University. He has inspired audiences worldwide with intoxicating and electrifying poetic words and has received many worldwide poetry awards. He has membership in various national and international scholastic honor societies, and served as poet-in-residence for Saint Andrews Scottish Society. He is the chief advisor to the founder, Shiju H. Pallithazheth, of the most active worldwide poetry forum, “Motivational Strips,” which is dedicated to uplifting humanity with inspirational poetic words.

Joseph invented: “Epulaeryu Poetry,” “Linking Pin Sonnet,” “Seventh Heaven,” and “God’s Dynamic Steps” poetic forms and styles while studying English literature, creative writing, and poetry at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His poems have been published in the following languages: Chinese, French, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Jamiekan Patwa/Patios, Scottish Gaelic, Nigerian Yoruba, Bengali, Assam, and Hindi. He is a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other organizations. He loves historical poems based on his worldwide travels and resides in Wisconsin, USA.

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