Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas



one day
an empty chair
and it’s autumn…

subtler clouds
tenuous shadows
of swift rift
uncertainty love…

a river
from the sea
but …….

a gold landscape…
our autumn love
we relish the intoxication!



it is
in my unconsciousness
that my consciousness
get mystified
jumps floats dives
only then only then
the reality
my love seeks!



When one reaches
his/her twilight moment
nothing material matters…

seeing hearing smell touch taste
get so intensely ecstatic…
in grasp, like catching
a falling star!

she/he sprints
a teen age love
an Alice in Wonderland
where a meagre
little bird is her lover’s serenade!

__ade c.
sydney australia

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