Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke



Past the endurance stage with muscles spasming and breathe short,
Past the locked gates and the fierce mongrels snarling with bared teeth,
Past the fumes of the last drop of spent fuel racing to the tape,
A mans dream is as real as the mirage of the hazy picture of water to a thirsty traveller
He knows without doubt that effort shall pay to see his eggs hatch
He believes in his conviction when no one else does
He is in touch with the giver of the thread that turns the turbines of his steps,
He launches his spring from the purity of his singular drive,
He taps into the waves of the universe to spread his wings for the long haul,
Trusting in the invisible but ever present flames of ancient promises,
Each sweaty drop is a testimony to his tomorrow,
And though time and again the fire may flicker or outright go off,
He is unafraid of beginnings and no effort is spared to cast disbelief out,
And when the harvest is in and his knee bows to the dream giver,
Jeerers and cheerers join the fray that shouts how easy the drive is,
But he knows silence forestalls bickering,
And armed with a mouthful of cool water in his mouth,
He mumbles thanks to court jesters and their plastic hugs,
Reminding himself of one thing,
Fire is the driver of dreams,
And it burns and scorches before the dream wakes up as reality.



Walk your path on a determined step,
Rouse not the dust for a fellow traveller,
Carry enough worry to keep you focused,
Excess of anything drowns the self,
Acknowledge there is a power beyond you,
Strutting your own glory is vain at the end,
Love like there is no tomorrow because there isn’t,
Do what you must when you must and how you must,
Hurt no one or nothing in your pursuit of happiness,
Seek peace from within and share it with all around you,
The same shall come back to you for sure,
Trust that the universe is the only true university of life,
It teaches all who wish to learn without a fee,
And for those already full of their own know,
Those are the terror gangs that uproot life with such wanton abandon
Monsters of morning star
They too bow to light
But which light?

One thought on “Poems by Nancy Ndeke

  1. Brava Nancy!
    Images grafting in my heart!
    Your love for words springs beauty, threads grief and bloody wonder. Great read. Diamond words. Brilliant write.
    Love, Nancy.
    —Taal Talahiib

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