Poems by Sarala Balachandran

Poems by Sarala Balachandran


Prayer vs Poetry

Prayer is pleading for more wealth n health
While poetry imparts knowledge and wisdom which brings peace to the world!
Through poetry your mind becomes calm and serene just like when you pray from your heart to the Almighty !
Poetry arises from your inner most soul, so is a true prayer !
When you are writing a poetry your mind is fixed on your love and passions,
the inner cry or happiness of the soul !
When you chant and pray
It’s the call to our creator thanking Him and asking for forgiveness for your blunders!
I prefer writing a poem instead of chanting hymns which is equivalent to my prayer to God Almighty !
While writing my mind is fixed on God and my verses flow freely like waterfall !
For me poetry is bringing out all my emotions like talking to God
A heart to heart soul to soul talk !



Misty nights
Lovely nights
But alone I walk
With no one to talk
Or hold my hands
Nor whisper of love
Into my ears
Misty nights
Cool cool nights
Breezy nights
Willows swaying to n fro
Misty nights
Foggy nights
Faces hidden in the mist
Misty nights
Moonless and starless nights
Lovely nights
Misty nights
Romantic nights
Be with me tonight
Just sing some
Melodies of the past
Make my heart
Come alive
In this misty night
A night to remember
A night to sing n dance
A night to promise
Our love eternal !



I choose silence when I am hurt n broken
I choose silence when I am joyful too
I choose silence
When someome argues
I choose silence
When my heart weeps
I choose silence
When I pray
Looking up to heaven
My God knows when I am silent
He silently works on my woes
And hands me over
A golden chalice
Filled with divine nectar
And I drink it quietly
In my silent moments
In a lonely place
Where I pour out my sorrows
And my tear filled eyes
Shed more and more tears
My aching heart gets relief a bit
I prefer silence to chaos of the world
Which makes me frightened
And I withdraw myself into a shell of silence where only i can hear echoes of seashells so sweet and divine pampering my silent heart !


My shattered dreams …

Floating across the blue sky
In my lovers arms
I search for my heart
Which is lost somewhere
But where I dunno
The beautiful dreams I had
All lost scattered in bits n pieces
across the sky blowing in the breeze
Some pieces got stuck on the hills
on dewstuck leaves
Glittering like diamond
Those are pieces of my dream
I gifted to my lover long back
He lost them while floating in the sky !
I landed on the hill
To collect my precious dreams
But by the time I reached the hills
They got melted and dropped down
To the streams flowing below !
Oh my shattered dreams !

©®-Sarala Balachandran

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