Noel Alonso Ginoris (Cuba)

Noel Alonso Ginoris (Cuba)
Noel Alonso Ginoris. Cárdenas, Matanzas, Cuba, 1995. He studied Hispanic Philology in the University of Havana. At the moment he studies Social Sciences and Humanities in the Center of Studies Ecclesiastical F. Félix Varela. Editor of the art magazine and literature Dédalo. Editor of the review section and literary critic of the web of the AHS; and editor of the column Poetry of the Caribbean in the Mexican gazette The experience of the freedom. Editor of the bulletin The stairway, of the Institute of studies ecclesiastical F. Félix Varela.
He has published the books Of the waves (2017) and Diatribes (2018), under the Chilean editorial stamp Verbo(des)nudo. Numerous texts of literary studies of their authorship and numerous of their poems they appear in diverse you have inside and outside of the island of Cuba.
He has unpublished four poetry books.
among the two violins of B, put a silence and wait (…)
Roberto Méndez
in the place of the bartók´s heart one stone and all possible valves. bartók divided in golden syllables well-knows perfects the principal beatheart of his stoneheart. the katabasis of his life in slowly condition of death was due to the fragmented stone and all their emptiness in the chest. bartók had a soundstone for heart and a sinister ear to interpret the tumors of the emptiness. It was known that after silence there would be eternity but never nobody wanted to listen to it.
it rains on the city the last man fears to the rain. where the sound how to listen the names of the things while the rain models the limits for what the last man´s heart. the satraps found the equation to digest the storms the last man you don´t die, I love you so mucho the dustbowl breaks the ribs. the last man their exile acts their murdered returns their sinister deaths…
meanwhile it rains on the city.
to R.V.R
with my hand I have closed the abyss that separates your tongue of my tongue. but they are not advised clear the distances and a nut can be it prohibited while I rest of the transformations and the hands wear out to hold the divine thing.

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