Aubade * / Poem by Barbara Ehrentreu

Poem by Barbara Ehrentreu
Aubade *
Night disappears as your
golden rays paint the sky
peach and shades of pink
the clouds reflect your beauty
and create a backdrop
for your radiance
My supine body lies still
with eyes closed as you
shimmer into existence
and the dark slowly fades
to a grey and then blues
as the sky lightens from the sun
I do not greet you anymore
since I don’t want to acknowledge
the one who loved you is gone
his joy at your first stirrings
brought me to watch your rise
and glory in the splendor
Now, though, his presence
is no longer with me
though the memories continue
and his announcement that
you had arrived is still pressed
into the synapses of my brain
as was his delight in seeing you.
Copyright 2019 by Barbara Ehrentreu
1. * An aubade is a poem or piece of music appropriate to the dawn or early morning.

One thought on “Aubade * / Poem by Barbara Ehrentreu

  1. Beautiful.poem….reflects a precious memory…of a heart who has lost something ….a romantic poem full of music, melancholy, and the magical setting ….Congratulations dear

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