WE DON’T LIVE / Poem by Teresinka Pereira – *President IWA

Poem by Teresinka Pereira
*President IWA
We don’t live, only die.
This is what we hear at school,
at church, and in the family.
They say death is beautiful,
but I believe is sordid,
that people still living
are dependent
on death of heroes
to go on living their death.
Springtime, which
comes every year, dies
before the last flower.
Daylight is good,
but it is during the night
that we unburden ourselves
from our sadness
at living and dying.
The sun is even more humble
than the flowers,
and dreams are more eloquent
than love affairs.
Total hallucination is to live
without a pure dream or a desire,
because each morning
when the sun reveals its light,
it takes time from us
and from this crazy secret of life.

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