TREASON / Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand

Dr. Jernail Singh Anand



Things which bear love to mother earth 
carry her natural instinct.
Grow and then decline.
And in time.

Flowers trees animals and even men
Are set to a graph of growth and decline
Nature has its sway
When things live and then call it a day.

Things which are stopped in this operation
Of decay,
Which sparkle and sparkle
And do not decline
Make us think all is not fine.

At what a grand scale the revolt
Has taken place,
Spreading to every extremity.
I am a revolution which is happening
At war with the system that supports me.

Earth looks askance when I arrest her skin
In marble,
When I raise buildings in which
People inside self pigeonholed rot.
What ants and insects enjoy ( the bounty of the earth), the slum dwellers do not.

O there are corporates
Who have laid a copyright on the Sun.
And theocrates who have capitalised
Human wisdom.

Earth has been colonized.
Trees have been made to flee.
Waters sometimes see this sedition going in,
And turn crazy.

Man has been told to fear nature.
But who can stop him from tearing it asunder?
Animals lose their life on sacred days
And nature is disturbed at his indecent forays.

We are a part of the mutiny,
The mindless game of sedition is going on.
We are losing connect with the mother
And faith in the Father.

And turning an illegitimate unbecoming offspring
Lost to natural rhyme and reason.
It is treachery with loving parents
If not altogether treason.

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