Water Power / Poem by Eden S. Trinidad

Poem by Eden S. Trinidad
Water Power
Rain falling heavily
Raining immensely
Pouring, pouring like there’s no end for rainy days
While the farmers dancing exquisitely
Rejoicing to this outpouring bounty.
My province declare unhappily
No classes again almost every day.
The reservoir of water from heaven
The nozzles of the earth open widen
Water, water everywhere,
Our countless islands are blessed
So much water here to there
More than seven thousand islands
Plus our all year round monsoon feast!
The world is amused!
If you know that H20 is not the only abundant here
Yes, my friend, untouched and unused H204
Magnificent, magnified strength of a body of water
Unheard like some kind of queer
Abundant on this beautiful Eden called the Philippines.
Copyright: Eden S Trinidad
All Rights Reserved
August 1,2019

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