Radhakrishnan Krishnan

Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan 



With her “thoughts” I do flirt,
Not with her, but with thoughts from her heart
I relish those thoughts like dessert,
Bold and brazen, I am never so alert

What is a splendid romance?
When soul gets caught in a trance,
Feelings to roam through infinite expanse,
Heart joining soul in its dance.

To fall in love with her heartfelt thoughts,
Thoughts tormenting you like sharp darts,
Touching the heart’s tender spots,
Untying soul from the knots.

When thoughts are made in to a bouquet,
Picking the choicest words, brought in my way,
That bouquet will never decay,
My heart lifts up to fly away.

Her “thoughts” whispers from every leaf,
Running away with my soul like a thief,
In her “thoughts” marooned and deluged,
But I seek not any refuge.



When level of love overcomes,
The level of fear, see the outcome,
The far and wide world shrinks so small,
When you don’t stuck up behind a wall.

Why suffer from thanatophobia?
Our self imposed mental myopia,
We are all parts of great cycle,
Moving upward and downward spiral

Do we have any choice?
To retain the youth-hood’s gleamy poise,
Can’t help but yield to unknown,
Then why not die without groan?

What began will meet its end,
It is millions of years tested trend,
This reality we need to comprehend,
Life is just a fair weather friend.

Life is biased but death is impartial,
No escape from Lord of death’s court-martial,
King or pauper, all to rot in grave,
Why not welcome death with a face brave?

We all appear in the stream of time,
To embrace life crowned with prime,
Then disappear to mingle with grime,
Reserve your days for love and its rhyme.


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