Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke



Time rolls, tolling and telling of change,
Familiar logs onto the new and old decimates
Sex has orientation and family has new meaning
A child belongs to the law and is master of his own
Vengeance is a creed and love is banned and banished to the woods
The inner quiet, that ruled decisions and took pity on the low
Material that fed the needy
The new yarn tightly spinning around weak throats
Consciousness veiled with torrid guts that no longer feel
Changes that sell faiths intentions in sinful enterprise
Changes that make warring a Nations preoccupation
Changes that institutionalize wrong and demonize right
Changes that demolish love through ridicule of its charm and healing
Upon mans stature as a thinking creature
His every moment is experimental on changes
And the worst its implications on fellow man
The more embraced it is
Yet, the lesson of the predictability of the sun teach us nothing
Neither the seasons nor the days of our life’s.
Who then shall tame the wanton indiscriminate egging to change life to an order than no longer works?
Who? And when and how?



Crowded with emptiness, the circle of beads break, spilling beauty on a barren patch of cold promises by old Gluttony’s

Beauty of nature in the season gilded into sold flesh at the stock market for those with the most including boredom

Stepping out of known norms and shaved of normal liaisons, Islands of a personal nature charge a fee for exotic hunting of preys twice hunted and thrice persecuted

The sickest minds at play in the slickest places with the flimsiest of human beings as ready preys for a hefty fee for the owner of hawked flesh and pittance for the unlucky child

And we nod at progress
Applaud our achievements
Ululate at our milestones

While daily, monsters feed on the flesh of the vulnerable in already poor societies

Lured by empty promises of Paradise and easy earnings

The slave drivers and movers and users stay keen and focused

No where are such easy pickings than where war and poverty rages in earnest,

Out of the circle of humanity, lawlessness pitches its immoral tent to pick the loose beads from the brokenness of the necklace.

And not that the world is blind to this
Just that we no longer act as the brothers keeper.

We become then,
Easy pickings for the vultures
For the strength in unity
Snapped with individual greed.

Who dares to speak unity of humanity?



For the pals that turned foes and scuttled a life time plan for progress,
For the kin who shoved mud at a party to cerebrate with a dark innuendo
For the musical director who cut the song mid-step
For the hope giver who turned and fled at the cross roads
For the companion who turned left from right
For the confidant who turned traitor
For the lover who loved less
For the boss who schemed a stalling career end
For me, for being gullible at times, a special forgiveness
Today, i lend you my sky class,
That the grey you served once
Went to tutor an overcomer
For in due course,
The sun rose
As it will today for sure,
And now,
I warm these bones with deserved coffee
And gratitude at the sore grapes
That has turned to sweet drips of awesome wine in reflection.

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