Mother / Poem by Chua Bagchi Mitra

Poem by Chua Bagchi Mitra
With two small children,
I live in a slum, earn very little
By working in the neighborhood.
My husband is a truck driver,
He earns a lot, but all his money
Spent on his mistress and drinks.
I plead many a times to give a little
But everytime I am physically assaulted.
That day I just fed my children and he
Entered, asking money from me.
When I refused, he was about to beat
The children, I took the kitchen knife,
Guarding my children I shout aloud
” If I see your face again, I will end
Your life, that was the first time he saw
Me in that state, he was shocked and
Leave, I hold my children close to me.
Chua Bagchi Mitra ©®
All Rights Reserved

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