MY CHILDHOOD (Love language) / Poem by  TONG THU NGAN



(Love language)

My childhood is in rainy days
Brrrr shaking the body sitting next to the straw kitchen
My childhood was driving early in the morning
Catch the fish sink, pick the grass to be fragrant

My childhood is in the bad house
A meal with a salad in the afternoon with vegetables
My childhood bath in the rain fence
Wading in the water river

My childhood days of water backwards
Out of strength to resist the shoulders
Because i m a big sister in my childhood
Cover up for the small brothers to be wrinkled

My childhood is so sad that i can’t cry
Sun burning scalp, turn red my hair
My childhood is full of hard hours
The summer is blazing, hiding by the summer of the grave is main thing

My childhood, if i fever, then drink lemongrass
I am trembling with a bowl of rice soup
My childhood is getting cold with a small pice sugar
Why is it still growing and strange lovely

My childhood is dropping kites by the field
Go to slap the torn pants, there is no more
My childhood caught fish piercing
Come back to get Mom to bake straw, ginger
fish sauce we eating

My childhood is deep in love
Picking up sweet potatoes and boiled potatoes
Purple line for the whole fence
Cooking pot with shrimp soup is all for you all

I don’t have Tet clothes in my childhood
Baking cake is enough fun season
My childhood, I remember to be sad
Buy a ticket to my childhood…

Houston Texas
Mach, 12/ 2018

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