Poems by Chua Bagchi Mitra

Poems by Chua Bagchi Mitra


To the eternity

I can see them weeping.
Some are discussing about me,
How helpful I was, how obedient.
My two small kids are weeping like hell
“O my dear ones…don’t weep”.
I whispered …
My husband was busy explaining
The incident, how much pain he is in,
Explaining all.

I am flying by his side, trying to take out
The weapon, which he used.
But I don’t have the grip.
Then I saw her entering the room.
For her, I lost my life, murdered brutally.
I tried to twist her neck, but failed
I feel helpless ..
I remember some writes, to concentrate,
I do so, it was the weapon, though it was
Hard, I keep on concentrating.
Suddenly I saw the weapon out of his
Pocket…I tried to make him hold in his
Hands…he did and turned towards her..

I leave the room in front of me HE was
Standing.. to hold and mingle my soul
To eternity.

Chua Bagchi Mitra©®



Few days left
She will come with her children
To meet us.
We wait for her
Each year.
She is our daughter
Our strength and our inspiration
To fight against all odds in life.
Though she is our daughter, she teach us l
Like a mother, what is good on Earth
With whom to fight with.
She is Durga Durgotonashini (protector from all evil)

Chua Bagchi Mitra©®


Where do I belong

A passionate love story, of mediaeval time.

Love was never a bondage to us
How miraculously we met.
Our first interaction was memorable.
Our first touch, was threatening.

We fall deeply in love and our life
Was lifeless, if we fail to reach one Another, with our body, mind and soul.

God granted for us the love, heavenly
Passion was so intense, we never wanted
To avoid that.

Our continuous intimacy, led me towards
Many ailments, as giving birth each Fourteen months after, had an impact.
I lost my health, but our love was hungry,
We never tried to suspend it, as a result,
My limbs start getting numb, I became
Day of our last togetherness, stopped, as I Was breathless, he tried to kiss me again And again, push himself in me, thinking
It might let me feel good.
I closed my eyes forever, leaving behind
My love, and children….

Chua Bagchi Mitra©®

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