I NEVER FORGET YOU / Poem by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poem by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



My dear, open your ears!!

Attentively, hear my lovely voice

No reason I should forget you

You are good person

But please!!, please!! please!!

Don’t close your heart

Find someone else to love you

Love you like I always used to

For me, I loved you already

But the death has embraced me

That suddenly broke our chain of love

That certainly gleamed a pillar of separation

Stay well, my dear no more mourn for me

Be strong as you are a strong person

And I will never set a reason of forgetting you

Although I believed we would be together

As forever!! As forever!! As forever!!

But my honest mind will everlastingly remember

All our beautifully metaphorical love

As I greatly walk to the heavenly peaceful paradise.

In spirituality you are my dear forever

Don’t stop praying, I’ll bless you with my orison

Remember to set a dream with unadulterated faith

Faith of escorting you with your new lover

In memories of our wonderful relationship

We had

I hope there is a day we shall meet

Through a super kisses of dream

At heavenly kingdom.

Forever, bye!!

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