Poems by Jean C. Bertrand

Poems by Jean C. Bertrand


You’re welcome

Welcoming to all
All precious leaves
Earthing loving souls
Welcoming to all dreamers
Hope in the spirit of love
A noble dance
Fiesta night, victorious steps
Love and passion
Our daily bliss
Follow your dreams to
Grow and glow harmoniously
Living in peace

Jean C. Bertrand


No cost

I sing I sing, oh I
Sing till tears crying
Crying birds in fire
Oh I sing till the moon cries

No cost
Worship in luminous
Rays faithfully dancing
Rediscovering its fragrance
Oh sing Sing till wind blows

No cost
You can scream and
Yelling in the rain
Sing Sing till the
Wind dry-up the tears

No cost
No obligation, look at
The window and waving
The lessons floating in the air
Butterflies songs melted pain

Jean C Bertrand

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