Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke



Awful affairs that ought to be scoffed at,
At best laid bare in public arena to air,
Are deeds of men molded on loaned voices
Of cash and strongholds of engendered trade,
Lacking in wisdom and bereft of common sense,
Leadership is a farce then bought of crudities,
Sponsorships of rogue ness,
Business of power-ism,
Trashing reality to cash in on profits,
So wildlife dwindles for our play to keep,
Climate crushes on nature, to earn billions and trillions,
Paper kings and plastic presidents,
Clay heads of states and mud feet diplomats,
Lame lawyers, fake preachers,
Daft negotiators, soup headed merchants,
And our beautiful earth keels over,
Carrying the burden of piled up lies and counterfeit hope,
If land, gold and diamonds did save a soul
If crude oil and gas did stop a grieving heart,
Then, lording it over the world with falsehoods of justified wars may,
But history shows the vanity of it.
And children as young as sixteen,
Stand at podiums and tell what elders should,
With the clarity of a well tuned organ.
Watch times change at your watch dear,
Whats your contribution to the welfare of life on earth?



EVERYTHING, has a source,
Brethren, think of the river tributaries and gifts each harbours,
Affording a life graceful and satisfying ,
Livelihoods and standards that please living,
For them often, we thump our chest recognizing only our inputs,
Is it true that we do it all on our own?
Everything has a source even that chance meeting,
Luck is the hand of providence at play even as we brag of our contacts,
Assumptions abide of how clever our schemes be,
Often counting on ten fingers how our plans shine,
Everything has a source even that we call a miracle,
The bounty of our celebratory gains are simply resources,
If only we give credence to the SOURCE and less to resource,
For as we bicker over new found gems of earth,
A FORCE on high looks on in dismay,
With a sad eye for He knows having put it there,
Everything has a source just like our souls
Accountability may call our acts to tell of our doings with resources some day,
What shall we say?

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