Nurlan Kalybekov (Kyrgyzstan)

Nurlan Kalybekov (Kyrgyzstan)

Nurlan Kalybekov – poet. He was born on 21th of September, 1973. In 1996, He finished faculty of journalist from Kyrgyz State University, In 1998, after finishing his master degree in area of philosophy, He worked as a religious teacher at Kyrgyz State University. Also, Laureate of Young people in Kyrgyz Republic. The owner of award in the name of Jolon Mamytov republic , Mukagali Makataev and Gabit Musrepov from Kazakhstan. From 1996 , The member of Writers’ Union of the Kyrgyz Republic. After that, the chairman of it.


Self Portrait
Who are you?
Where have you come from and where are you heading for?
For you everything is ancient
You don’t need in Gods
You have no idols.
While you are on the Earth,
You just think of the sky
And dream of it,
Those who live on the Earth
Share with your daily bread.
Who are you in reality?
You are the one, who loves solitude,
You hate being one of the crowds,
Like hermits you prefer wandering all over,
You want to go up the Himalayas,
You pay homage to the stone
Of the motherland like a pagan.
Sometimes you have an overwhelming desire
To go to your last resting place,
But you abstain from
Shedding tears when
You catch sight of wanderers.
I wonder if you have a good conscience.
You want to unclothe sponger- authorities
And drive them along the main street
Shouting at them now and then.
You are eager to equate
Noble people with humble ones
Regarding them as identical.
You never feel satisfied with
What you eat every day,
By simple luxuries of life
You aren’t captivated at all.
You dislike leaders succeeding pretty well,
You don’t want to follow their way.
You don’t serve the Lord, in your sky,
You want your own way, you are
A headstrong person who refuses to compromise.
Who are you at all?
When and where will you melt away?
This world shouldn’t be divided
Into white and black,
Integrity of the world shouldn’t be destroyed,
As the rays of sunlight
Shines on everyone.
From the earth to the sky
Sunlight streams up.
Those who divide the world into white
Go to that side, choose black if you prefer that,
Go to paradise if you long for it,
Got to hell if you deserve it
It’s your choice.
I really don’t care
As I am a part of integrity,
I am interested in
Sunlight, travelling
Above and beyond,
Also in the creator itself.
Give me a call
I feel even more miserable,
I can’t control my inner feelings,
I become excited and agitated,
My mind is in turmoil.
Where does time fly?
I can’t go through the old routine,
Even if I do, it’s still humdrum,
Day breaks, then night falls,
I can’t get enough sleep.
I don’t sit around the dinner table,
Oldsters would say
You prolong your life at table.
As if someone is chasing after me,
I am always in a rush,
If I take a break for a minute
I feel as if I cease to exist.
I take no rest, always in a fuss,
I am in haste to get ahead of someone
As if he’s stealing my life.
I am in haste, so is the time,
Goals that I had yesterday,
Have become elusive today,
I wish I didn’t waste my time.
If I do the good deed in the morning,
I am given respect in the afternoon,
I scolded someone,
Another person has just sworn at me.
I just can’t figure out
Therefore I am asking you:
Why is time flying?
Why does time leave me bitter?
Isn’t it a bolt of lightning?
Give me a call, my phone number is 0771121840
Hard times
My route is safe,
Having lead a dignified life,
That was presented to me for a time,
I should go to my destination.
I don’t understand you,
What is the purpose of your life?
You’re accumulating wealth.
To your friend, wife, people
And country you’re unfaithful.
Oh, Lord! Forgive your servant.
I heard that like animals
Infants are slaughtered,
Their internal body organs
Are being sold.
Oh, Lord, Almighty,
They don’t know your address,
If they knew, I am sure
They would plunder you,
By accident if they didn’t gain booty,
They would shoot at each other.
Nobody knows sacred duty,
They swear by the name of God,
In the pawnshop, in the court,
They are ready to sell their souls.
They are possessed by devils,
You are in the heaven, not on earth,
What if you come to earth and
Say something to your servants.
What is the necessity of talking?
Of coming doomsday,
May it happen earlier!
Or is it the heaven
To questions of which you respond
Is it others?
To reign over earth,
Is it the red tape to control the earth?
Time is leaving me bitter, really exhausted
I became in these hard times.
Words are of no worth for this world,
I don’t dare to speak.
May live long red tape!
Mighty master
It’s only you I obey,
Nobody except me obeys you,
They have a lot of hosts and hostesses.
Their brain, mind and feelings
Were tied with magic ropes by
Fine fellows from every ravine.
The sorcery passes from generation to generation
It is difficult to break the spell cast.
Don’t cry, master, you aren’t alone,
Rocks, mountains and rivers you have.
The moon, the sun, the stars and pastures you have,
The sky you do have
Other than countless universes.
Look, just look, how your animals and birds
Glorify you crawling, creeping and flying,
Fir trees and willows are all your children.
Don’t be upset, I am here
Your servant, son, friend and confidant,
Don’t shed your tears, please.
I do understand you
What efforts you made to create them
Without getting a wink of sleep
With enthusiasm and great love
You wanted them to look like you.
How many devils were against you?
But you didn’t make them stop,
I do know how hard it is.
Don’t be upset! Those who betrayed us once
Earlier or later will return.
Just do sit where you are,
I am next to you in the garden
Of verse planted by you.

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