Poems by Soumyashree Bhattacharya

Poems by Soumyashree Bhattacharya


Modus Operandi…

Never shall I impress you
with my looks beloved..
but will encompass you
with my pure and pristine love..
never shall I adorn myself,
with the glory of the feigned art..
but with the tenderness of my emotions,
will touch the deepest core of your heart..

Never will I embellish my face
with an artificial smile..
but will artfully engrave my feelings there,
for you to read them, in my eyes..
Like the invisible attraction of the moon..
I shall evoke the waves of love,
to dance silently in your heart
and unfurl the tender veil
of my love around you, as a silvery cocoon..

I shall let the music of love,
flow in your heart incessantly..
and thereby cast the golden
spell of my love upon you, infalliably..
I shall love you like a pubescent lover..
who loves unconditionally,
at the inception of her youthful days..
But beloved, will you then accept my love,
in those unprecedented, exceptional ways?

Copyright @ Soumyashree 2019.


Quintessence of your Love…

Sweet fragrance
of your love…
circumscribes me,
regaling the moments
of my nights and days..
cordoning my spirit,
illuminating my ways..
The essence of a sweet melody,
keeps reverberating in my soul..
carrying my mind far beyond
this telluric domain..
of mundane pleasure and pain..
for manifestation of my dream,
the fusion of our souls..
Like the fragrant breeze of spring..
like the rhythm of a flamboyant stream..
embellishing my darkened sky,
with the soft radiance of the Orion..
with the euphoric essence of zion..
with the brilliance of the aureate sunbeams..
replenishing my insipid life, into a pleasant dream…

Copyright @ Soumyashree 2019.

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