Caroline Nazareno-Gabis (Philippine)

Caroline Nazareno-Gabis (Philippine)

Caroline Nazareno-Gabis aka Ceri Naz, World Poetry Canada International Director to Philippines, is a multi-awarded contemporary poet, editor, journalist, educator, peace and women’s advocate.

Graduated cum laude with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, specialized in General Science at Pangasinan State University. Ceri Naz have been a voracious researcher in various arts, science and literature. She volunteered in Richmond Multicultural Concerns Society, TELUS World Science, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Vancouver Aquarium.

She also experiments on deviantArt, mask and shell painting, and collecting artworks from the exquisite nature. Her photoart “koireography’”was exhibited in South Korea, with the theme ‘’VISIBLE POETRY CONNECTING THE WORLD”. Her mentor in photography is her husband, Bryann, a freelance photographer and a professional teacher. As a science educator, she has found   American Society for Rickettsiology- University of Montana, her research niche on biological safety.

Her prestigious poetic belts are: 7th Prize Winner in the 19th and 20th Italian Award of Literary Festival; Writers International Network-Canada ‘’Amazing Poet 2015’’, The Frang Bardhi Literary Prize 2014 (Albania), the sair-gazeteci  or Poet Journalist Award 2014 (Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey) and  World Poetry Empowered Poet 2013 (Vancouver, Canada), and World Poetry Canada Poet Piper 2012.

She also served as one of the juries of local and international writing competition like Commaful’s Next Top Writer, Poets in Nigeria and more.

Ceri Naz  is a Chief Advisor to the President of the World Nations Writers’ Union in Kazakhstan on Contemporary World Literature, Honorary Member of World Higher Literary Academic Council of World Nations’ Writers Union, featured member of Association of Women’s Rights and Development (AWID), Member of the Advisory Board of ATUNIS Galaktika Poetike, Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT ), Axlepino and Anacbanua.

Her creative writings have been published in different anthologies and magazines worldwide.

Beyond her literary endeavour, she teaches  Science, Technology and Society, Environmental Science, General Biology, Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry at Tarlac Agricultural University, Philippines.

Links to her works:


Scarce and Scars
Would you say
Love, is in scarcity,
Like an extinction scenario?
fractions of hatred,
let it overcome with generosity,
for when the time runs out
no breath, energy and vital signs exist
flora and fauna would all be framed
and everything will just pass away,
may humans not be endangered
in the forest of life—
of enlightenment.
Peruvian Biography
driven by an eagle’s spirit
manuscripts, flown to aesthetic gifts,
there were more than stories ever written
a chance to a wordsmiths’ circle.
brothers, in truth, in faith
in anguish, in reverie
in human and divine,
beyond a bohemian forehead,
the book of all voices.
A homage to all sublime hands,
the mirror of many faces
the biography of a legacy.
Southern Wings
You are risen, prodigious sons and daughters
Brought honour and fame,
You are noted Aztec weavers
Who travelled the wall streets
Etched a groomed history
Light drizzles of wilderness.
Between now and then,
Like shadows of Maori
In a life of a butterfly or dragons,
Archangels, devils and planets
Your manuscripts talked, shouted and wept
Like a revolution of Celestial odes
You were the southern wings
Flown to years of freedom
Your deep songs
Awaken the death of the suns
Shone to the Hispanic monuments,
Your voice remain.
In the hearts of men.
in my everything
i need you
to be the intervenor of your world
to my lost world
sneaking, skipping
to find the quantum place
breaking the walls of the light
from the deafening silence and blinding darkness
where i could feel the sun through my heart
but because i am a gift.
i like to dream and believe
even the impossible and unbelievable
i am not afraid to show how much i can
and learn the language of the blind,
but lend me your ears and heart
so i can lend my life,
and share what’s life all about
to the underprivileged,
that freedom outside the box
lifting my spirit to
reach an ocean of care.


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