Elisabetta Bagli (Spain)

Elisabetta Bagli (Spain)
Elisabetta Bagli was born in Rome in 1970 and lives in Madrid since 2002. She is gratued in Economy and Commerce at the Universitá degli Studi “La Sapienza” in Rome. She is the National Secretary for Spain for AIM (Association for Italy in the world). She writes poems, short stories and fairy tales. Her poems have been translated into Spanish, English, French, Albanian, Serbian, Greek, Romanian and Catalan. She has worked as director of two editorial collections and as interpreter for Italian writers Paolo Giordano, Elisabetta Flumeri, Gabriella Giacometti, Diego Galdino and Fabio Bussotti.
She started writing poems and short stories in 2009 and published her first collection of poems, “Voce” (“Voice”), in 2011. An extended collection with more poems was republished in 2015 by EEE. She has taken part in a number of literary contests and she has won several awards, plaques and certificates in various Poetry Prize Contests. Her books are “Voce” (“Voice”, with its double version in Italian by EEE and in Spanish “Voz” by Ediciones Vitruvio), “Dietro lo sguardo” (“Behind the Gaze”), “Mina, la fatina del lago di cristallo” (“Mina, the Little Fairy of the Crystal Lake”), “Specchi” (Mirrors) and “Le nostre due anime” (Our two souls) and “Dal Mediterraneo” (From the Mediterranean), in double version Italian-Greek in collaboration with Sofia Skleida, a greek poet. She works together with artists involved in Generando Arte – Colectivo with her poems in Spanish, inspired by their works on gender violence. In September 2014 three of her poems became part of an UNESCO publication related to the international contest “Culture, Power and Violence: STORIES OF WOMEN OF ALL AGES AND COUNTRIES”. Her poems have been selected for a number of anthologies in several Countries. She organizes literary presentations in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and in Italy, and literary contests for all the Associations of which she is a member. In May 2017, she was awarded a Diploma of Honor for Artistic Merit Mayte Spínola by the Group Pro Arte y Cultura (ex aequo with Rosa Gallego del Peso) for her poem “BNR”, inspired in the artwork “Cruel Realidad” by Rosa Gallego.
The Sand
Never mind Time,
Scanned by the sand
Of bones as they grow older,
Mixing light with darkness.
Never mind the solitude
Of the man who sees
The leaves of the plant dry,
If it is well rooted in him
If it just needs some rain
To renew its life.
What matters is day and night,
Land and water,
Hands and eyes,
Language and words,
Wet and dry,
Capable of starting a fire
In a desert.
Reckless jumps
Break up gloomy mirrors,
Singing to the color of the sky
On my lips
The loser’s smile
Of broken crystals
Exploded in darkness.
I would like to be made
Of the stuff of dreams
And fade in the memories
Of a time when beauty
Belonged to me.
What Measure for Solitude?
What measure for solitude?
It is in the bite that grips
The limbs that wait to perish in the void,
It is in the drama of the molecules
That, asphyxiated, cloud the flesh,
Is in the slow force of the wind
That no longer sings.
Armored hermits
Against nightly fevers.
Sole company: the birds,
Barefoot beggars of love.

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