Poems by Jerry Langdon

Posted on August 2, 2019


Poems by Jerry Langdon


In Thy Name

My tears fall in scarlet rain,

tainted with immortal pain.

I curse thee with the blame,

She took her life in thy name.

Her blood shall be thine,

Her sin shall be mine.

I will rule the night

Avoiding thy sacrilegious light.

I will never forgive

That you stole my chance to live.

I will drink the wine of life

In pain wrought memory of my wife.

With every drop I swallow

The flask shall grow hollow.

I will steal what you love most

And make it Death’s undying host.

I curse thee with the blame

It caught breath in thy name.

And I will never breathe again.

And I will never bleed again.

© Jerry Langdon 2019


Spill It Out, Spell It Out

I bleach blood stained pages,
Scarred where my heart spilled out.
Cleansing this madness for ages
Armed with unyielding doubt.
The heart knows naught
Yet I feel it ache
With the torment in which I’m caught;
Burdened with more than I can take.
Betrothed with my agony
Striding eternity’s horizon
Hand and hand with that which makes me.
Feel like misery’s son.
Once again I bleed
Upon Hell struck pages.
Spilling out the war my heart wages.
Spelling out my pain.
Relief meets a quick death.
All hope is in vain
Exhaled on tortured breath.

© Jerry Langdon 2019


Anywhere As Long As It Is To You

I would travel through the abyss
To feel the beauty of your kiss.
How could I fear Hell
When my soul already fell
Straight into your waiting arms?

I would walk to the edge of death
To taste the love upon your breath.
I can’t think of a place
I wouldn’t go to to see your face
That binds my heart in its charms.

© Jerry Langdon 2019


Holding Me Together

Sometimes I think
The only thing
Holding me together 
Is my scars.
Often on the brink,
Thinking I’m dying.
Under the weather.
Void of stars.
Can’t connect dots;
They are ghosts.
Haunts of impossibility;
Like my scars.
Rorschach ink blots.
My insanity boasts
Demons of improbability.
Scribbled down memoirs.

© Jerry Langdon 2019

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