The Heart and the Angel / Poem by Soumitra Talukder

Poem by Soumitra Talukder
The Heart and the Angel
There was a placid bliss in the abode of peace,
Hidden in the hushed pantheon of silence
The quiescence of solitude lay like the haze of mist
As if the heavens resided in measure of the spirit
The seraphs took upon the burden of pain
To go through the discourse of the parson
The verity lost as a virtue of a bygone fable
And the content of life seemed in deceit of illusion
As the sermons grew more suasive,
The “Heart” draped the serape closer
To hide the abrade of the truth.
It stood baffled in the choice of probity,
It whispered, which is the world you made! O God!
One with the cross of thorns to bear the rectitude,
Or the other in glitterati, a realm of delude!
Between the province of the promised Avalon
Or amidst the camouflage of our demesne,
All it wanted was a console of love and a touch to care!!
As if it was the path of the destiny,
The angel smiled in the glow of her own radiance,
She would take care of the heart now and forever.
© Soumitra Talukder
July 28, 2019, All Copyrights Reserved

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