Hülya N. Yılmaz (USA)

Hülya N. Yılmaz (USA)

A retired Liberal Arts professor, hülya n. yılmaz [sic] is Co-Chair and Director of Editing Services at Inner Child Press International and a literary translator. Dr. yılmaz has authored four poetry books – including one of multi-lingual content. Her work has been published in an excess of seventy-eight anthologies of global endeavors. Two of her poems are permanently installed in TelePoem Booth, a nation-wide public art exhibition in the U.S. She has shared her poetry in Kosovo, Canada, Jordan and Tunisia. hülya has been honored with a 2018 WIN Award of British Colombia, Canada. hülya finds it vital for everyone to understand a deeper sense of self and writes creatively to attain a comprehensive awareness for and development of our humanity.


It is not at all about Hitler’s
psychopathic existence alone.
We, too, are complacent,
for we choose to join in the atrocities
as we stay within the walls of our deafening silence.
Remaining an outsider now, however,
is no longer an option;
nor is disconnectedness . . .
or their twin: the worshipped comfort zone.
Each has served as one for too long of a time.
Not anymore!
Not while butcheries constantly grow
and multiply by each new dawn.
What will it take for us
to not feed the Tsunami anymore,
to join in hands instead, to make it die out?
What are we waiting for?
For a loved one to be caught
by one of its waves?
Kollektivschuld . . .
It is not at all about Hitler’s
psychopathic existence alone.
(c) hülya n. yılmaz, August 7, 2019
An Indian Reservation
(Inspired by an actual visit to Hobbema, Alberta; in 2014, the town was renamed as “Maskwacis”)
Here is your parcel.
A generous gift from us
Out of the land we stole from you.
Massacres we orchestrated
Need not be mentioned.
They were, after all, casualties of . . .
Whatever we deem appropriate
To sell them as to the world.
Here is where you will stay.
Any crimes you people commit
Will be in our news. ASAP. Worldwide.
Don’t get any ideas, though!
Your lives’ space has no place
Even on this country’s map.
It is only a show on the side,
Deservedly put aside.
Ermineskin? Yes. Red Deer? Yes.
Stop calling it “Hobbema”.
Get this for good: Your history
Is no longer alive!
So, behave!
Your obedience is our law.
By our rules you must abide.
Do not pass this line, you hear!
Do not ever pass this line, or else!
Humanity has left the building . . .
We are in Maskwacis now.
Take a bow!
(c) hülya n. yılmaz, June 15, 2019
not here …
hearing the fireworks at Niagara Falls
thinking of war zones overcasting the globe
bombs, grenades, exterminated lives, blood,
much blood, unimaginable pain and utter fear
seeing is believing, says this language root
yet soul’s eyes pierce the empirical
sees through and through
meets it all eye to eye
and takes it all in
loud and clear
there is so much suffering in open sight
that the mind freezes up,
crawls back to its womb
the heart is helpless
in its despair
and woes.
(c) hülya n. yılmaz, June 7, 2019

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