NilavroNIll Shoovro (India)

NilavroNIll Shoovro (India)
NilavroNIll Shoovro: Is the founding editor of the monthly web journal Our Poetry Archive. Loves to write poems although he never claim himself as poet, usually writes essays and articles on various social topics covering burning issues of the present time. His main area of interest is philosophy literature and international affairs.
After The Holocaust
Here I am,
The last man survived
Nobody left to console
None to share the pain
The only fool to withstand
The holocaust
It is raining since
The last bullet fired
Perhaps to wash out
Human sins
Till a single drop of
Dead blood remains
Feeling ashamed
Of all the memories
Feeling guilty
Of human legacy
Feeling relieved
From war and peace
Here I am,
With myself only
Alone and lonely
And ashamed of myself
Being the last Human species
Trespassing the earth!
Since Eternity
He was dwelling in utopia
Yes, he was designing his destiny
And he was the curator of his dreams
Loving caring with full of new ideas
Then she came, not with ideas
Not with any dream or design
She came like the fresh air
Like the water splash, refreshing
She came with passion
Blue eyes full of affection
Warm and comforting
Blooming in joy like flowers
He was watching her closely
Trying to classify her movements
Evaluating his own theories
Examining like true scientists
She was truly amazed, wondering
Curiosity in her own eyes
Watching him with care
Perhaps like God watching us…
Since eternity…
The Unfinished Signatures
like the blinking eyes
of a soft heart,
the maiden stars
were preparing for the night
i was trying very hard
yes in my desolate exile
to draw her sketch
with few words of
love and sympathy
passions and desperations
like the mystery
of the fairytales
the night was unfolding
it’s purpose
i was trying to figure out
her footsteps, silent calm
yet confident in giving me
a surprise, I would like
like the roaring waves
of the oceans dancing naked
to waltz around with the shore
i was in my dream
to uphold my song
of a forlorn soul
for an engaging night
of the stars blinking still
for an epic to stage
amidst the ruins of the hopes
like the unknown dewdrops
of the forgotten nights
my songs dissolved
in pains and grief
her sketch remained
hazy in doubts and disbeliefs
frozen kisses remained dumb
with the unfinished signatures …

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