Poems by Matthew Pollock

Poems by Matthew Pollock


A Final Reflection

An older me staring, grey hair reflection
Broken glass shadows, my imperfection
Never the fairest, those questions clear
Front facing views, as my past not here

Angles with colour, despite a tiny crack
I ponder this man, who’s echoing back
A stranger in parts, an old friend as well
My reflection timeline, with stories to tell

A glimpse of my father, generations old
Seeing my own son, the truth to be told
Fragments of safety, staying on my side
Despite the reflections, nowhere to hide

Words bouncing back, without a sound
Answers I’m seeking, hard to be found
Turning; a glance, reverse image shows
A final reflection, my past slowly goes.


Evolution Of Age

The world reset, the eyes of our kin
As colours merge, freedom from sin
Equal playing field, souls become one
Evolution of age, what have we done

A fighting shame, generations observe
Surely a future, is what they deserve
Politics in slumber, as stupidly is bred
Evolution of age, now burying our dead

A girl staring deep, just lost by herself
Is she enough? Must be someone else?
Beauty skin deep, the dangerous stage
Evolution of age, world locked in a cage

A minute’s silence, our identity no more
Bottomless pits, morals out the door
Where we failed, many things to regret
Evolution of age, a progressive forget.


Covering Your Side 

Your empty shadow, as I restlessly sleep
Hugging your pillow, day dreaming deep
The scent of your love, i know all to well
Covering your side, missing you like hell

Hours tick past, just watching the clock
Eyes getting heavy, a wide away shock
Waiting just for us, till we cuddle as one
Covering your side, until the rising sun

A message vibrates, knowing your tune
Says you miss me, you’ll be home soon
Smiling my rest, your night-shift so late
Covering your side, waiting of loves fate

Door slowly rattles, then your gentle kiss
Our souls now together, a butterfly bliss
Locking of eyes, shifting back to my side
Now holding you tight, always with pride

© Matthew Pollock


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