Don’t die / Poem by Nutan Sarawagi

Poem by Nutan Sarawagi
Don’t die
Don’t they always live with us to never go
in our memories forever so
for when they loved it was never enough
Don’t they know
to tell them we loved them never to go
now they leave us to our miserable lives
in hopes to live that never cried with them our love in them to tide
all the love in the world to fill and hide
and now we cry ’WHY DID YOU GO ‘
you promised to FOREVER BE BY OUR SIDE
in hopes to live but we know now YOU LIED
for when you we were there you promised to live
to never go ..NEVER be still
now you CHEAT us in that lonely thought that you were with us now
why are you NOT to leave us in knots
to unravel the key of life to open its knots
one minute there one minute not
bring us back that life to live
in hopes that want to no more live
come back to us don’t leave us still
be our will
justtttttt live.
Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi 2019

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