Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty



Look at me
I am Ravan, a bundle of negative feelings and emotion
I don’t have a friend which I can say my own
I have a family, wife, kids and a kingdom
But my only friend, my love, is my inflated ego
I invariably carry it with me wherever I go
In all my pursuits I seek its satisfaction
The mainstay of my life is ego and it’s gratification

On ego stands greed, hatred and jealousy
Treachery, dishonesty and malice
And I am an epitome of all these
Throughout life, I remained in their constant company.
Family, relationship, love and religion are beautiful till they satisfy one’s ego and vanity.
When one’s ego is hurt nothing remains his
The ego becomes his only religion, love and life
And I am no exception to all this.

Ego defines me and my surrounding
It is ego that pushes me hard
It is ego that made me what I am
An island in myself
Where I live my life in my solitary asylum
With ego, my passion and love

From cradle to the grave
Life rests on self-esteem and ego
It is the biggest motivator that keeps life on the go
Nothing is as compelling as ego
Life is a continuous endeavour in pursuit of ego and self-gratification
The desire for appreciation and recognition, pelf and power, fuel hatred, jealousy and ego
Together they separate one from the rest of others
Nothing but they define me and my action better.

Rama killed me
But I live in you, in your heart and soul
Run in your artery and vein
And possess your whole being
You burn me every year
From ashes I come back with renewed vigour
Burn you every minute and second
Neither you can burn me, nor kill
Rather I burn you, kill you every moment.
I am beyond death, time and space
I am your ego, deathless immortal Ravan.



Of what use
Living the rest of life
Regretting all the while for what one has not achieved.
Of what use
Going down the memory lane
Lamenting those days and nights
Which one missed
Being engrossed in mundane deeds.
Of what use
Cursing oneself
For running away from life its rhythm and rhyme
Making a hell of the present and the days to come by

No question
Life could have been lot better
If one would have understood
The value of relationship and flight of time.
Most of us lived life
Not the way it should have been
Not the way one wished
But by one’s perception of fulfillment
The values of society
Largely defined in terms of
Recognition, power and money.
Where your kid’s smile, parent’s tears
And wife’s longing never seemed to have any meaning.

From childhood to the fifties
Nobody knows how time flies.
All of a sudden one finds
He is old and the golden days of the youth
Are far behind.
By the time one realises
He is in the late fifties or early sixties.
With nothing to look forward
One looks back and broods over the past
Dead and gone
Only to come across the
Moist eyes and shattered dreams of his own.

Caught in between a past, not fully lived
And a future, dark and uncertain
One arrives on the horns of dilemma
Neither he forgets the past
Nor lives in the present and dreams for the future.

With a dead past and uncertain future
One can still love and live
It does not matter how old are you?
You can always love and live
Look at your better half
She is as beautiful as she used to be
The only thing you have not looked at her long since
Come on! look at the world around
The sun and moon, seas and rivers,
Mountains and meadows, flowers and orchids
They were as beautiful as they were
Get up! live life as you wish
Still you have plenty of time and life in you
Make a fresh beginning
A golden future is awaiting
Live the beautiful present
Live life with its spellbinding grandeur
And for sure make good of
What you missed over the years

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©

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