Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao



Don’t cry, my love
Without me being around

I want to sip your tears
I don’t want them to cause you pain

I don’t want them to furrow your face
And grieve thy eyes

I want you joyful and happy!

Oh baby, if you only knew what I like …
It’s the same as I want!

I want to be in you, creek and desert
Beach and mountain
Forest and nest
Birdies singing

I want to be your path!

I want to be a competition horse
I want to cut the goal in your heart!

For you, I want to be
The breathable and free nature
I want to be me
Without complexes and prejudices
Where being naked is being pure
Like the newborn child.
We are born naked
Shameless of our nakedness
What has changed?
A subject for reflection …

I want to tell you good morning at dawn
I want to say goodnight to you at dusk

Make love with you
Whenever I feel like!

Kiss every millimetre of your sweaty skin…

Stop here and there
Feel your body throbbing
Look into your eyes
Feel them beg, more more more!

And I make you comfortable …
Before, I hug you with fond

Cause what I want my angel
It is to continue to love ya!
I want to see stars in your eyes
Lighting our path!

©Maria Maria Dulce Leitao Reis



I dreamed about you
My little beetle
Hey, what a night!
It was so wonderful.
Only when I woke
I realised that …
It was only a dream!

Although still in my retina…
Your sweet image!
In my mouth…
Your taste!
In my nose…
Your smell!
In my ears…
Your loving whispers!
On my skin
Oh on my skin…
The burning touch of your body!

Dreaming can make you mine…

In my mind
What you see
What you feel….
…. is my dream!

I know you are not here …
But it was such a good dream
That I don’t care a thing
Even if……
……It’s just a dream!

Dreaming can make you mine!

© Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
Art by Vicente Romero Redondo

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