I didn’t call the poem when I went away and it came. Could the poetry, knowing my dream world and my life, live alone? Art and poetry in art which are important part of human life, never wishing inspiration, had companioned to life in the name of a new life. It is aware that this road friendship is a duty together with his artist and poet. The artist does not deal with inspiration and fairies to call her art as long as she is aware of her duty. Art is at her side as the artist performs her duty.
When I reading Leyla Işık’s poems and writing my thoughts I have started such a journey inevitably. In a world where screams of war are heard instead of peace, surrounded by sorrow, sadness and bullets, our eyes, our hearts, shortly, our hope that does not end always has to seek light. The most important identity of this light is that it is housed in art. Leyla Işık, the first window she finds poem when searching for this light. This first window will scale up her, increase her abstraction, and move the windows of poetry beyond what she thinks. Because she believed that the exit from all mazes, crises and chaos was with poetry and she decided with her mind too. Every event evokes a poem to her now. Poetry in the world of art is like the reality of this world. Unless she leaves reality, she will stick to poem too. Because the poem has not breakaway, but constantly is the journey between the real world and the created world.Of course, to be able to spend all this journey in a healthy way and to reach your goal depend on to respect to your own action very tightly. Respect is reading, observing and by combining all of these, to be able to keep the inspiration of art ready and sighted.
The fact that I have known Leyla Işık since her interest in poetry has helped me to recognize her love, perseverance and endless efforts in this field unavoidably. Knowing the unknown, completing the deficiencies and constantly revising herself with respect for poetry became an indispensable habit in this process. Because the identity of every sound, every wind, every rain and bagel-loving gulls meant for her as a verse and then later a poem. To promote labor instead of praise and to respect to love must be in the front row at such writing. If you try to cross the mountain and the desert, if you do not understand the depth of the action, you have only drilled a mountain and you have crossed a desert. If you try to cross the mountain and the desert, if you do not understand the profound argument of the action, you have only drilled a mountain and you have crossed a desert. The products created by those whose heart is in favor of bright, shiny and happy people, artists, should bear the scent of the longing world and must be suitable for that world. In this journey, Leyla Işık continues to her walk without stopping, in the name of beauty. In fact, also art is a targeted walk, isn’t it?

H.Hüseyin YALVAÇ

Büyükyoncalı, 15 Nisan 2019.

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